iStill Indirect Heaters!

iStills are total distillation solutions, not shells that still need a separate heating system, like many traditional systems that require a steam boiler. Nope, we are long passed the age of steam. iStill uses electrical heating. Why? Because it gives total control over the amount of gasses that are created. And since gas amount one-on-one translates into specific vapor speeds, and since vapor speeds one-on-one correlate with flavor composition … well, we feel that any craft distiller interested in (re)creating the same quality spirits over and over again, needs electrical heating.

iStill offers two means of heating: direct and indirect heaters. Both heating systems sit directly in the boiler and in the wash or mash. Why? Because of efficiency, reaction-time, and Maillard. Heaters that sit in the boiler dissipate their energy immediately, without losses (like a traditional Au-bain-Marie! double boiler design). And the slight temperature differences in the boiler create the Maillard Reaction: a taste-cascade that adds 25% flavor to your spirits!

Direct heaters work great with relatively clear boiler charges. If you want to mash or ferment in your iStill, or if you want to distill on the grain (or on the grapes), you need the iStill Indirect Heaters.

Our proprietary indirect ATEx heaters …

iStill Jet Propulsion Agitator System!

The Jet Propulsion Agitator System (J-PAS) is iStill’s proprietary mixing technology. What makes it unique? It achieves a 90% energy transfer, while agitating your wash or mash. That’s 8 to 9 times better, when compared to traditional mixing systems. How? By creating a wavefront in front of the mixing blades (instead of a low-pressure front behind ‘m, as in traditional systems).

The result? Better particle distribution in your boiler, a more stable gas-bed above the liquids, a higher fill-grade, no vortex creation, and a resulting better separation between heads, hearts, and tails.

All iStill J-PAS’s come with an oversized engine and lantern for longevity. A bigger motor only needs to run at half-power. The lantern insulates the engine from the boiler, so that heat transfer is minimized.

All iStills can be equipped with the unique Jet Propulsion Agitator System. iStills that were ordered without J-PAS can always be retrofitted with the system at a later date. How’s that for innovation and versatility?

Oversized engine and lantern … check:

iStill Boiler Radiator!

The boiler radiator is proprietary iStill technology, that can be ordered from the iStill 500 and upward. What it is? An active cooler in your iStill’s boiler. Why you want it? Well, for instance, because you want to mash or ferment in your iStill. Fermentation creates heat. Controlling your fermentation temperatures is critical for consistent quality flavor creation. The iStill Boiler Radiator does the cooling for you. Automatically, effective, efficiently.

But there is more. You can also use the iStill Boiler Radiator to cool-down after mashing. “Mashing” as in that you can mash in the iStills? Yes, you can. If you add the boiler radiator to your option list, that is.

A third goal you can achieve with the help of the boiler radiator is to cool down your stillage, after a run, as quickly as possible. Lower temperature stillage is easier to handle.

Finally, the boiler radiator can be used to recover energy. A hot boiler (or mash or ferment) holds a lot of energy. Via the iStill Boiler Radiator, you can harvest that energy and create – for instance – warm mash water. Pre-heated mash water creates for a faster and more efficient mash-cycle.

Boiler radiator in action: cooling back 1500 liters of boiler charge …

Innovation: New iStill Mini 50 Liter Boiler !

The iStill Mini is our recipe development and training still. It features a 10 liter (net capacity) boiler for quick and inexpensive trial runs. The iStill Mini can be ordered with or without column packing, and with or without Extractor. We added an amazing new option: the iStill Mini can now be ordered with an additional 50 liter boiler!

The additional 50 liter boiler allows the craft distiller to do longer runs, to better simulate the longer production runs on bigger iStills, once initial recipe development is done. The bigger boiler also makes for a nice intermediate, semi-production size unit for small batch or start-up production.

The 50 liter boiler uses the same heating system as the 10 liter boiler. The 4 kWh system and power manager are more than adequate. Heat-up, in 50 liter mode, takes about an hour. Run times are – depending on power setting – about 3 to 4 hours.

From now onwards, you can order the 50 liter boiler with your iStill Mini purchase, via If you already have the iStill Mini system (the new post S/N 250 model) and want to add just the 50 liter boiler, please reach out to directly. In both cases, the 50 liter boiler, including crating and transport, will cost you EUR 2.500,-.

10 vs. 50 liter boiler iStill Mini …

Innovation: iStill Cooling Tower!

What is it?

Distilling is about bringing the beer, wine, or alcohol in the boiler of your still to a boil. The gasses, thus produced, are processed by the column and then cooled back to liquid state. A coolant is needed for that; a coolant that – in the process of liquifying and cooling those gasses – becomes warm itself.

The iStill Cooling Tower helps cool the coolant. As such, it takes the strain of your chiller, limits the amount of water used in the distillery, and creates a more energy efficient total distillery operation. Less water and energy usage, and a greener, more environmental overall profile.

The iStill Cooling Tower processes both water and glycol, and any combination of water and glycol. The coolant, coming from your iStil, flows into the iStill Cooling Tower and trickles down while being cooled. The coolant gathers in the collection vessel at the bottom. The collection vessel comes with a ball-valve to which a pump or chiller can be connected. The now lower temperature coolant can be transferred (with or without additional chilling) back to your coolant reservoir.

What’s innovative about it?

Its efficiency! The iStill Cooling Tower uses evaporation as a pre-chiller treatment. As a result it can bring 60 degrees Centigrade back to 45 degrees, at a processing rate of 10 to 15 liters per minute. Cooling a 7 hour production run only costs 1 kWh!

Size and price?

The unit is 2 meters high, runs on 230v single phase, and is equipped with our bigger Gardena quick-connects for easy coolant transfer. The legs can (and should) be bolted to the floor. The unit is perfect in combination with any iStill 500, 1000, 2000, or 5000. It also serves the iStill 100 and 200, even though the iStill Cooling Tower might be considered a bit “overkill” in those situations.

The iStill Cooling Tower costs EUR 7.000,- and can be ordered via the iStill Design Center, as part of your bigger iStill order. If you want to order the iStill Cooling Tower directly, please reach out to