For Sale: iStill 500 Hybrid NextGen Full-Options!

After a few years of mild service at the iStill University, this showroom iStill 500 Hybrid NextGen is available for sale. It is a 2021 model with 18 kW, 2.5 inch indirect heaters, iStill’s proprietary Jet Propulsion Agitator System, and Boiler Radiator. What that means? It means that this unit can distill any spirit, and that it can also mash and ferment. It is not just a very versatile still, it is a complete, all-in-one distillery. An Extractor is not included, but can be added to the order, now or later.

The current run statistics of the unit are as follows:

  • Power was on during 200 days (part for display, part for actual mashes, ferments, and distillation runs);
  • Agitator has seen 531 hours of operation;
  • Heaters have been on for 192 hours.

As preventative maintenance, the unit receives a minor service:

  • Total check-up;
  • Update to latest software;
  • Oil change agitator engine;
  • Robot refurbishment;
  • Heater cleaning & polishing;
  • Temperature probe recalibration.

New, as a 2023 model, this unit would now cost EUR 65.000,-. This 2021 model is available for 43k ex transport & crating.

Interested? See the pictures underneath. Want to buy the unit? Please email your company details to, so that they can draw up your invoice. Do you first want to discuss if this potential purchase fits your plans? Don’t hesitate to reach out to!

Copper Waffle for 6-liter, Gen-1 iStill Mini!

We have news for those that use the first generation, 6 liter iStill Mini. We designed a copper waffle, to help battle sulphuric contaminations. If you want to order, please reach out to They cost EUR 50,- a piece. That’s with transport (mail) included.

For comparison: iStill 500 catalyst and iStill Mini 6L catalyst …

iStill Mini Assembly Video!

The iStill Mini is the craft distilling industry’s training and recipe development still. The iStill Mini is capable of making brandy, gin, rum, whisky, vodka and basically any liqueur. The unit comes with the online iStill University Craft Distillers Training, which explains modern distillation theory and teaches you how to distill any product to perfection.

How to assemble it? Piece of cake … Just watch the video underneath. Do you want to become a craft distiller and purchase the iStill Mini? Email us at Speak to you soon!

The Foundry Brewery and Distillery wins Double at IWSC!

Congrats for winning two bronze awards for your rum and gin! Well deserved. Thank you for using iStills!

Here’s how proud master distiller Jon and the Foundry Distilling Team are (and rightfully so):

“We are proud as punch to have reacently been awarded @theiwsc Bronze award for our Japanese Jin and Smuggler Sam’s Spiced Rum!

We feel so privileged to have been awarded 2 bronze recognitions, it really is wonderful. We are so passionate about formulating and producing high quality spirits, with absolutely everything produced in house including the alcohol, which is a particularly challenging part of the process, especially with the spiced rum.

We would love to congratulate the other recipients of awards as we all strive to create top quality spirits to be enjoyed by you all.

Feel free to pop down to The Foundry and try the award winning spirits or head over to our website to buy a bottle. Cin cin!”

New Project: iStill 10k!

As our craft distilling customers grow, and as we also penetrate the market one size up, we are starting the initial design process for bigger iStill equipment. Our first project? To add an iStill 10k to our portfolio. A Masher and Fermenter 10k will follow shortly.

The design goals of the iStill 10k? Well, 10,000 liters of net boiler charge, of course. And all the amazing technologies the other iStills offer:

  • Produces any spirit;
  • Can mash, ferment, and distill – so is basically a full-swing distillery in one machine;
  • Supports 2.0, 1.5 and 1.0 distillation techniques;
  • Can be fitted with pot, plated, and hybrid column.

The Masher and Fermenter 10k will be higher versions of their 5k variants. The iStill 10k shifts its design from a square to a rectangular boiler shape, complimented with a Y-design riser under the column. Added ladders to the left and right will grant easier access to the column, for easy assembly.

Price indication for the iStill 10k? About 200k.

First sketches of the iStill 10k …