Power-Boost Your iStill 2000!

As a result of our continuous innovation, the iStill 2000 just got a power-boost. By how much? That depends on if you run your iStill 2000 with direct or indirect heaters. Currently, both systems have 36 kWh of power available. We have upgraded the indirect heaters to 40.5 kWh. The directly heated iStill 2000 goes to 45 kWh. That’s a 12.5% and 25% power-boost respectively.

The advantages of the power-boost? Faster heat-up times and faster production runs. Yeah, that pretty much summarizes it.

Any iStill 2000, ordered from today onwards, will get the power-boost. Due to our constant focus on cost control, we can add this innovation without raising the price of the unit.

Existing iStill 2000 customers can upgrade as well. The direct heating upgrade package costs EUR  4.000,-. The indirect power-boost costs EUR 5.000,-.

The retrofit package consists of additional heaters, wires, breakers, and more. It takes a qualified elektricien about half a day to adapt the PLC and to install the new heaters professionally.

If you want to order the retrofit package, email Finance@iStillmail.com. They’ll provide you with a payment-link and invoice.

Second-Hand iStill 100 for sale!

Remember Old Pilot’s Gin? Award winning gin producers from Zagreb, Croatia? They use iStills in their distillery and are constantly upgrading their stills to keep up with growing demand.

Hrvoje and Tomislav, the owners and distillers, started out with an iStill 100 NextGen Hybrid with Extractor. Last year they added an iStill 500. Coming year they’ll purchase an iStill 1000. And for that reason … their original iStill 100 is now up for sale!

Are you interested in purchasing a second-hand iStill 100 at a discount? Please reach out to Tomislav directly and see if you can strike a deal. Tomi’s email address is tomislav@duhuboci.com

Here are some pictures of the still:

New Badass iStill Mini Introduction!

(Psst … first 30 sold get a EUR 500,- discount!)


Over the last two years, the iStill Mini has become no less than an institution and a major contributor to the industry’s professionalization. Craft distillers from around the world have successfully developed better recipes, using the iStill Mini. So far, we have manufactured and sold over 250 of them. Based on the feedback we got from our customers, we are now upgrading the world’s most popular recipe development and training still. It will be bigger, stronger, and more versatile!

What’s new

Here’s what we changed:

  • Maximum boiler charge increased from 6 to 10 liters;
  • Minimum boiler charge increased from 3 to 3.5 liters;
  • Bigger 2.5 inch diameter column for a >100% performance boost;
  • Column is now insulated;
  • Double heaters for double the power input;
  • New and upgraded nominal output power manager (but still single phase 230v);
  • CIP and hoisting eye added for easy column cleaning and column management;
  • 1 inch drain instead of 0.5 inch drain for faster discharge;
  • Longer legs for easier discharge;
  • Quick connect manway;
  • Double gin hooks;
  • Oversized copper waffle;
  • 3 mm thick 30x stainless steel (!);
  • Total system height is 240 cm (just under 8 feet);
  • Weight is 40 kg;
  • Superior build quality and unsurpassed longevity.


The iStill Mini heats up in under 15 minutes and can perform a complete recipe development run in one to two hours depending on product choice and boiler fill grade. It comes with the StillControl App & Probe included, which allows you to select and save cuts and design recipes in a matter of hours. These recipes are fully scaleable and can be programmed into our larger production machines.

The iStill Mini can be used as a potstill and as a column still. It can perform stripping runs and finishing runs. The unit produces brandy, gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, and liqueurs. With the additional Extractor Column, you can also use the iStill Mini to make extracts, tinctures, essences, and seltzer. The online iStill Distilling University course teaches you how to design recipes and how to use the iStill Mini.

iStill Distilling University course is included

Yes, every iStill Mini purchase comes with the iStill Distilling University course included. This is considered by its students to be the world’s best distillers training and recipe development course. They rate it at 9.8 out of 10. Normally an EUR 1.895,- option, it comes for free and is part of the iStill Mini purchase package deal!


The new, badass iStill Mini currently has one option: the Extractor column. We foresee the addition of a potstill column and a plated column option, akin our larger production units, in the next few months. All of the options will be retrofittable.


The new iStill Mini, including packaging, transport, transport insurance, and the iStill Distilling University course costs EUR 6.000,-. The introduction price, valid for the first 30 orders placed and paid for in December 2020 and January 2021, is EUR 5.500,-. The additional Extractor column costs EUR 1.000,-.

Purchase and delivery

For orders, please check out https://istill.com/mini. Orders can be placed per today. After extensive prototype testing in November, and pre-production planning in December, we will build the first batch of 30 iStill Minis in January. Dispatching will start in February.

Given the anticipated demand and the relatively small initial batch size, we propose you order early. This first batch probably sells out in a few weeks after this introduction. We plan to produce a second, bigger batch in March. This second batch will consist of 50 iStill Minis to catch up with demand. Delivery of the units from the second batch will not start before April 2021 though.

Picture, please?

Words do not bring across how badass the new iStill Mini is. So here it is a picture of the old iStill Mini (to the left) and the new iStill Mini (to the right):

Simplifying Warranty Claims Process!

We just simplified how customers can claim a part under warranty. Here’s the new procedure:

  1. Email Support@iStillmail.com what part is broken and why warranty applies;
  2. Send the broken part back to iStill HQ;
  3. iStill HQ investigates the part and informs you of its assessment;
  4. If the claim is acknowledged, you get a replacement part for free;
  5. If the claim is not acknowledged, you can order a new part.