Production Constrained, not Sales Constrained!

I remember when, after having produced iStills for about a year, we got the first real truck in. We needed a truck to get an order shipped to Scotland. A big order. A feeling of pride and accomplishment. The weird thing is, we now do about a truck per week. A truck of iStills per week, yet it never gets normal or boring.

Thank you all for your continued support, your orders, your feedback, and your success stories! It is a delight to work for you. It is amazing to see you all making a difference and putting an ever bigger dent into Big Alcohol’s industrialized mass production, one drop, one glass, one bottle, one iStill at a time.

The steep increase in demand for iStills does create its own set of challenges, though. We are nearing a situation of being production constrained rather than sales constrained. In plain English: we sell more stills than we make. iStill currently plans production batches as far ahead as January 2022.

What you can do about it, as a prospect iStill customer? Order as early as possible. That way lead times or future price increases won’t surprise you. What we’ll do? We’ll keep increasing our production capacity. For 2021 with probably another 15 to 25%.


Odin, CEO of iStill.

iStill 5000 Production & Assembly!

Here’s a picture of the iStill 5000. The unit is what we called “produced” and will now get “assembled”. With “production” we mean the actual metal cutting, bending, welding, cleaning, and insulation. With “assembly” we refer to the step after “production”, where we electrify the unit by adding the PLC, the cuts selector, the robot, the heaters, the probes, etc.

We just produced a new iStill 5000 for the Japanese whiskey market …

Production & Dispatch Update!

Earlier this week, we shipped another truck-load of iStills to be crated in the Rotterdam harbor and then dispatched around the world! The iStill 5000, that features center-stage, in the picture underneath, will go to the New York based Tipping Cow Distillery:

We are also shipping the first batch of five 50 liter boilers; the latest option for the iStill Mini family. With the addition of the 50 liter boiler to your iStill Mini, you can perform bigger batches and do semi-production runs. The first batch is sold out. We are starting the production of a new batch before summer. If you want to order, please reach out to

Copper iStill Details!

As you might have heard, we have designed a complete line-up of copper iStills. We are building the first units as we speak and they will be amazing. “God is in the details”, as the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once said. It holds true for architecture and it holds true for still design.

Building a copper column or copper boiler isn’t much of a challenge. It’s the fine metal machining that truly shows how we master more than one material.

Proof? Here’s a picture of the iStill quick-connect, hose tail, and thermo-couple. In copper, but with the exact same finishing level as our stainless steel units. “Exact” as in < 0.1 mm tolerance.

Update on Lead Times!

Due to growing demand, our lead times are increasing. For orders that come in after June 1st, the new lead times will be:

  • Six months for our stainless steel production stills (CE, UL, ULC, AS, NZS);
  • Nine months for stainless steel production stills (ATEx, IECEx);
  • Nine months for all copper iStills (all certifications)

The iStill Mini maintains its fast, three week delivery time.