Modern-Day Distilling Takes Over England (6)!

Here is a map of the iStill customers in England. As you can see, there is no stopping progress! Are you considering to join the ever growing family of modern, 21st century distillers? Do you want to learn more about the amazing technology iStill has to offer? Do you want to learn about distilling via one of our courses? Then please reach out to us via

Modern-day distilling takes over the present-day world, including England …

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Testing and Shipping iStills Mini!

We are testing and shipping iStills Mini in batches of six in order to catch up with the backlog of orders. So sorry for the delay some of you have seen. We want to be able to treat the iStill Mini orders like almost a commodity, where we ship within one or two days after an order comes in. Yet every time we are almost there … demand again increases. Please know we are putting in a lot of effort to up our performance!

Mitchel testing your iStills Mini …


Modern-Day Distilling Takes Over North America (7)!

Here is a map of the iStill customers in North America. As you can see, there is no stopping progress! Are you considering to join the ever growing family of modern, 21st century distillers? Are you interested in our distilling courses? Do you want to learn more about the amazing technology we offer? Then please reach out to us via

Modern-day distilling takes over present-day North America …

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Building more iStill Fermenters!

We just shipped two iStill Fermenters 5000 to Australia, and are now working on another 5000 liter fermenter that will ship to a customer in Mexico. Where it will be used for continuous fermentation. Hence the additional ball-valvesĀ  to the side: they allow the distiller to drain exactly 2000 liters and gravity-feed his iStill 2000.

Here are pictures of the unit prior to final assembly and electrification. We’ll do that soon, but our automation department, responsible for building the PLC’s, has backlog. Why? Well, we have never seen a December or January month like the ones we live in right now. We are getting huge orders in and our lead times, unfortunately, are on the rise.

Another iStill Fermenter 5000 …


Speedy Delivery USA!

We are getting huge orders in. As a result, our class-leading still production time of two months has gone up to four months. That is still class-leading, by the way!

The day before yesterday we shipped a special order to a distillery in the USA. They needed a still really, really quickly, because the still builder they bought their original still from delivered a unit that caused nothing but problems. So they reached out to us and asked if we could help them out quickly and we could. How quickly? We were able to get the job done in two weeks.

Even though our lead times are increasing, via extra shifts and through our Special Operations Department’s capacity, at an additional build cost of just 15%, we are able to pull-off some crazy fast shit. Since Special Operations has limited capacity as well as other obligations and responsibilities, we can do these super fast orders like once a month only.

iStill 2000 to the USA? Here you go …


New iStill Mini Batch Nears Completion!

We are finalizing building another batch of iStills Mini, our amazing recipe development still. So far we have sold over 200 in just a year and a half after its introduction. And due to very high demand, we are upgrading both the iStill Factory and the iStill Mini batch production size.

Our facilities will see an additional 100 m2 of floor space in the next few months. Dedicated for even bigger future iStill Mini production. And the last production run of iStills Mini already saw the batch size grow from 50 pieces to 100 units. The first eight units will ship this week. Another eight the week after that.

100 new iStils Mini …



Referral Fee for Supporting Customers!


We are happy to inform you that we launch a Referral Program! This post explains how it works and how you can benefit, both as an existing iStill customer and as someone ordering our equipment for the first time, and investigating how it is to work with iStill.

Existing iStill customers

There is no better publicity than word of mouth. And who is better equipped to inform wannabe iStill distillers about how it is to work with an iStill? Right, exactly, our existing customer database!

So, if you are a customer, helping us and others out by spreading the iStill gospel and answering questions, why don’t we remunerate that? Well, from Februari 1st onwards we do.

When a potential new iStill customer visits your distillery, and he or she finds that visit and your help valuable, ends up buying a still, under the condition that he mentions your distillery specifically, you get a referral fee.

The referral fee is based on the equipment the new customer buys. As follows:

  • iStill 100, mashers, fermenters: EUR 250,-
  • iStill 500: EUR 500,-
  • iStill 2000: EUR 1.000,-
  • iStill 5000: EUR 1.500,-

Does someone buy, for instance, an iStill 2000 and and iStill Fermenter 5000, well, if the new distiller tells us they visited you and enjoyed your help, you get EUR 1.000,- for the iStill 2000, and EUR 250,- for the iStill Fermenter 5000. A total of EUR 1.250,- that can be either billed to us or used to purchase additional iStill equipment.

Please note that customers that are in default, and didn’t pay their bills, are excluded from the Referral Fee Program.

First time iStill buyers

We find it important that you inform yourself before making a purchase decision. You probably found us online, on one of the forums, or via a visit to an existing iStill customer. Reaching out to us, to organize a phone or Skype call, is probably your first step. After we spoke to each other, we’ll probably advise you to visit a customer of ours in your neck of the woods and/or follow the iStill University course. Purchase decisions usually take place just before or after your visit to our distillation course.

If you meet one of our existing distilleries, and find that visit beneficial, please inform us when you are ready to order. We’ll then make sure that they get adequate compensation for their time and for helping you out.

When you want to meet one of our customers, Chris can help with suggestions and a proper introduction.

Please note that the Referral Fee Program starts on February 1st 2020.

Referral Program in two words …


Serving the World!

Last Friday we shipped four iStills 100, two iStills 500, and two iStill Fermenters 5000. The Fermenters are on their way to Australia, the iStills 100 & 500 are going to customers in Chile, Japan, the UK, and the USA.

i500 for Chile …


iStill 100’s on their way to the crating company …


10,000 liter fermenting capacity in one truck …