Second-Hand iStill 100 for sale!

Remember Old Pilot’s Gin? Award winning gin producers from Zagreb, Croatia? They use iStills in their distillery and are constantly upgrading their stills to keep up with growing demand.

Hrvoje and Tomislav, the owners and distillers, started out with an iStill 100 NextGen Hybrid with Extractor. Last year they added an iStill 500. Coming year they’ll purchase an iStill 1000. And for that reason … their original iStill 100 is now up for sale!

Are you interested in purchasing a second-hand iStill 100 at a discount? Please reach out to Tomislav directly and see if you can strike a deal. Tomi’s email address is

Here are some pictures of the still:

Nele’s Feedback!

Hi Odin,

We just completed the online course. Thank you and congratulations to you and the iStill team for putting on such a great course. The modules are engaging, informative and so well presented. A very enjoyable experience. We have learned so much.

We also received the mini still and will put what we have learned into action asap.

Nele (from Australia).

Hilary gives feedback!

Morning to you lovely guys from a very sunny Isles of Scilly!

Last night we launched our Atlantic Strength Gin in a beautiful blue bottle.  I thought you might like to see our launch video, it’s the first time we have done something like this, and I feel very grown up!!!  It is too big for this email, so I have sent it WeTransfer separately.

The gin won a silver 91 points at IWSC this year, even before we had bottled…. 

We wouldn’t have achieved this without you guys….. your amazing stills and equipment, brilliant knowledge and advice based on science and always so enthusiastically delivered Odin…..great help and suggestions on flavour when I was stuck, helpful steers before I trip up, from Sebastiaan…..and fantastic help from William when bits and pieces don’t seem to be working properly….  Not to mention Willem and his scientific solutions and of course Veronika for keeping all the finance and paperwork together.  We feel very grateful to you all as we wouldn’t be here 18 months after our original Scilly Spirit Distillery launch, with a second gin, lovely customers and plans afoot for more spirits!!  Thank you!

PS I am just about to use the new iStill probes and StillControl to experiment with whisky on the mini today…. Any tips??!

All the best to you and please keep safe.