Double Gold for Bedlam Vodka!

Brandon Evans, CEO Bedlam Vodka:

“As we continue to test Bedlam’s acceptance in Asian markets, we are proud to announce that we have earned DOUBLE GOLD in the China Wine & Spirits Awards!  The CWSA is the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in Hong Kong and China as the judges are the top 100 Importers, Distributors and Retailers, all based in China. The CSWA states that this medal is “the most powerful endorsement of quality and suitability for the Chinese market”.”

Congrats on an amazing medal! Proud that you choose iStill …




Shipping Huge iStill Distilleries!

We are seeing more and more orders. Not just for individual (multi-role) stills, but for complete distillery set-ups as well. Here are pictures of an order (pre-packaging) of an iStill 5000 and an iFermenter 5000. That’s 5000 liter of total mashing capacity, 10.000 liter of fermentation capacity, and 5000 liter of distilling capacity. On a weekly basis, applied to whiskey production, this set-up can produce 6 1/2 barrels (55 gallon each) of 120 proof New Make per week …

Wanna design your own distillery? Here you go:

Best London Dry Style Gin in the World!

Old Pilot’s Gin from Croatia was elected Best London Dry Style Gin at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) 2019! Congrats to the Old Pilot’s Team! And this is the message HB and Tomislav sent us:

“Dear iStill thank you! As you know, we always say that all this would never have happened without iStill technology, knowledge and guidance! This is joint success! Cheers to the iStill family!!!”