Vintersol Distillery Wins First Medal!

Congrats Vintersol Team! You should be proud of your first medal. Well deserved and more!

More? Yeah, Odin selected your amazing spirit as his go-to aquavit. He picks it over Linie Akvavit, without hesitation, each and every time, and strongly believes Vintersol’s Aquavit No.1 should have been awarded double gold.

For all those consumers interested in aquavit, and for all those distillers interested in learning how to make a great Scandinavian spirit … buy a few bottles, taste, appreciate the craftmenship, and enjoy!

The Foundry Brewery and Distillery wins Double at IWSC!

Congrats for winning two bronze awards for your rum and gin! Well deserved. Thank you for using iStills!

Here’s how proud master distiller Jon and the Foundry Distilling Team are (and rightfully so):

“We are proud as punch to have reacently been awarded @theiwsc Bronze award for our Japanese Jin and Smuggler Sam’s Spiced Rum!

We feel so privileged to have been awarded 2 bronze recognitions, it really is wonderful. We are so passionate about formulating and producing high quality spirits, with absolutely everything produced in house including the alcohol, which is a particularly challenging part of the process, especially with the spiced rum.

We would love to congratulate the other recipients of awards as we all strive to create top quality spirits to be enjoyed by you all.

Feel free to pop down to The Foundry and try the award winning spirits or head over to our website to buy a bottle. Cin cin!”

iStill University: Learn in two weeks what others cannot teach you in three years!

Tony, an award winning craft distiller and iStill University student, shares his experience and gives his feedback:

“I very much enjoyed my time in Woerden on your course. I love learning and hold several university degrees in my previous career paths. I had considered the meticulously detailed, doubtless fascinating Edinburgh-based Master Distillers course some years ago. However, and most appropriately considering iStill’s dedication to revolutionizing distillery technology, your course seemed to me to distil the essential essences out of Edinburgh’s multi-year course, and present what we as competent practicing distillers each really need to know along with providing access to a global support system which links directly into iStill’s own expertise. Fabulous. Most impressive. Thanks, a lot!”

Do you want to learn the craft of distilling? Do you want to truly master the skills of operating a distillery while making some of the best spirits in the world? Reach out to and ask for the iStill University curriculum. Students rate the courses we offer with a 9.8 out of 10!