Josip’s Feedback!

Hi Odin,

thank you for checking up. I like the course. It is changing my point of view. It is not giving all the answers, but it directs you to the answers (e.g. recipe formula). You are Mr. Miyagi to my Karate kid, telling me that my gin recipe is in me, not in fancy dojos or expensive masters 🙂

Simplifying Warranty Claims Process!

We just simplified how customers can claim a part under warranty. Here’s the new procedure:

  1. Email what part is broken and why warranty applies;
  2. Send the broken part back to iStill HQ;
  3. iStill HQ investigates the part and informs you of its assessment;
  4. If the claim is acknowledged, you get a replacement part for free;
  5. If the claim is not acknowledged, you can order a new part.

Online Distilling University for Existing Students and Customers!

Confronted with Covid-19 and the ensuing unability to give our iStill Distilling University courses here at iStill HQ, we scrambled to bring the curriculum online. Thus the iStill Online Distilling University was created. And it has proven to be a great success.

So much so that we decided to incorporate the online course with the purchase of an iStill. Like this: anyone that buys an iStill gets the course for free. Well, it isn’t for free, because the online curriculum costs EUR 1.895,-, but it is included and the customer is discounted the purchase costs of the online course.

So … new students get the latest course and so do new customers. But how about existing customers and existing students, the ones that participated at the iStill University physically?

On the one hand, one might argue that, well, we delivered as agreed upon. The iStills that were purchased a year or two years ago were more affordable, so that’s a benefit that off-sets the free online course we now include. And the students that visited us, and attended the physical course, well, we delivered on that as well. And very much so, if we look at the feedback.

Still, especially in these weird times, that – for so many – are filled with uncertainty, and with our mission to advance and empower the craft distilling industry … shouldn’t we do more? The iStill Management Team has been struggling with this question for quite some time now. But we think we found a solution that does justice to our mission and to the huge investments we have done to get our course curriculum online.

Here it is: existing students and customers that want to purchase the iStill Online Distilling University can now do so for EUR 395,-. EUR 395,- instead of EUR 1.895,-.

How to order? Send an email to, telling them you want to order the course. Finance will send you a payment link in return. You use that link to pay and you’ll get access to the online curriculum the next day …

Simplifying Parts Ordering Process!

We just simplified how customers can order parts or spare parts. Here’s the new procedure:

  1. Email and specify the part you want to order;
  2. iStill Finance emails you the costs;
  3. After you confirm via email, iStill Finance emails a payment-link;
  4. After payment is received iStill dispatches the ordered part.

iStill Corona Support Fund!


Our goal is to help create a competitive, vibrant, and sustainable craft distilling industry. To bring that vision to reality, we constantly ask ourselves where we can add and contribute. Sometimes that leads to new insights, ideas, or innovations. Today the iStill Management Team wants to share a new idea, that we call “iStill Corona Support Fund” (iCSF).

Ideas and decisions

The idea started, when iStill’s MT went over the numbers and realized that us not participating at various tradeshows, around the globe, due to Corona, has resulted in lower spending, or savings even, on marketing expenditure. The total direct savings were estimated to be EUR 35.000,-. Should we add that to our bottom-line … or should we do something else with it? Something to help craft distillers in these challenging times of a world-wide pandemic?

The discussion, that followed, saw consensus on us wanting to invest the money back into the craft distilling industry. The iStill MT decided to use the funds in two ways:

  1. Create an online Distillers Tradeshow;
  2. Translate the remainder into a price benefit for iStill customers.

The online Distillers Tradeshow provides workshops with industry leaders. It also introduces craft distillers to suppliers and providers that come with iStill customer endorsement. How’s that for clear benefits for craft distillers, funded from the iStill Corona Fund? iStill’s MT realized that it’s not just us not being able to visit tradeshows, but that craft distillers can’t visit ‘m either.

After having invested 21K in the Distillers Tradeshow, the remainder will be translated into a temporary price benefit for craft distillers, as follows:

  • The first 4 iStill 2000 purchases get a EUR 3.500,- discount.


The above benefits only apply to purchases made via our website. Digital ordering is needed to enable tracking of how much of the iCSF is consumed. To comply with fiscal regulations, the above benefits only apply to purchases done before December 25th 2020.

As long as it applies, the iStill Corona Support Fund price discount will be shown in our design center. When you configure an iStill 2000 via, you will, at check-out, do the initial downpayment of 5K, and you’ll qualify for the discount. We’ll send you the related contract and invoice for the remaining balance (purchase price minus 5K downpayment and minus 3.5K iCSF) via email within three working days following your order.