New iStill Assembly Hall!

Due to the growing worldwide demand for iStills, we are expanding. As of today, we added another assembly hall to our facilities. It offers 300 m2 of floor space and is 9 meters high. That’s over 3,200 feet square and 27 feet high. The hall will be refurbished a bit in the coming week and a half (water, heating, electricity), and will then serve to help build more iStills. Here are a few pictures:

Big in Japan!

Here are a few pictures of our latest Japanese customers. They bought an iStill 2000 and will produce whisky, brandy, and gin.

Kohei in front of the University’s iStill 500 NextGen, mashing whisky …


Making brandy … do you see the heads to hearts smearing take place?


iStill in Japanese … ?


iStill Congratulates Eaglesburn Distillery!

Congrats to Bart Joosten for winning the prestigious Master of Vodka title at the Spirits Business Vodka Masters! We are proud that Eaglesburn Distillery uses iStills for their spirits manufacturing process. And we are proud to have Bart Joosten joining our team as the Amsterdam iStill Center Master Distiller, helping customers out from all over the world with iStill Contract Distilling!


Shawn McCormick’s Feedback!

Hi Jason!

I’d like to thank both you and Sebastian for the really great iStill Distilling class. Sorry this thank you is a month late.

I really learned a great deal from both of you!

This was my third distilling class and this one taught me things the other two never even mentioned.

Your information was very practical, insightful and helpful in what I’m looking to do.


Shawn McCormick – MickBourbon LLC