American Whiskey Discovers iStill!

As a result of iStill visiting trade shows in the USA over the last few months, the American whiskey industry is discovering that they like what we have to offer!

We are currently producing a batch of 5 new iStills 2000 that are specified to their wishes. The units will be heading over the big pond soon!

Here’s an impression in pictures …

iStill Customers take over Irish Gin Market!

Hi there,

I am about to head back to the Netherlands after spending a few amazing days in Ireland. With an hour and a half left to spend before my plane leaves, I decided to check out the gin section of duty free liquor sales. The news? iStill distilleries are taking over the Irish gin market! See pictures underneath:

Shelves full of iStill distilled Irish gins …


The gins of Blacks of Kinsale …


Blackwater Distillery’s gins …


Listoke Distillery’s gins …


Me in front of the iStill gins …


Odin 2.0!

Last 3 months I have gone on a road trip in search of better health. Concise and short? I succeeded in losing 15 kilo’s of fat, while gaining 5 kilo’s of muscle.

In better shape than ever, and with enormous amounts of energy, I can inform you that we are releasing a few amazing new innovations for the craft distilling industry very soon:

  • iStill Mini: a full laboratory set-up on a small scale;
  • iStill Ragnarok: a continuous still with benefits;
  • iStill Frigg: a vacuum still;
  • Panoramix: a concoction that will help you recover GNS from feints.

Odin 2.0 …


Bedlam Vodka Best of Show!!!

“We are proud to announce that Bedlam was just awarded an international Double Gold and Best in Show, which is given to the best spirit regardless of type, at the Stuttgart International Spirits Competition in Stuttgart, Germany.  We are humbled by the recognition!”

Double gold medal and best of show …

Brandon, Scott, Shane, Sam and all the others on your amazing team … congrats on winning this amazing award. Biggest grain to glass distillery of North Carolina. And the best. Proud to have you run our iStills 2000 and 5000!

Regards, Odin.

Dreaming of Enhanced Taste …


So here is the third post about me dreaming about … well, maybe about some future innovations that may benefit the Craft Distilling Industry. The first one was about magic potions. The second one about magic machines that combine the advantages of continuous distillation (bulk processing capacity) with batch distillation (cuts management). And sometimes I get inspiration from other industries. Like cooking …

Cryovac cooking

How that came along? Well, I happened to have dinner at a place where the chicken just tasted a-ma-zing! I called for the chef and he told me it was made “sous vide” or “under vacuum”-style. “Cryovac” is the name most often used name in the Anglo-Saxon world, I have been told.

Anyhow, I asked the chef about the procedure. And I asked him about the advantages.

The procedure is basically as follows:

  1. Vacuum seal the food;
  2. Because of the vacuum, you can now boil the food at much lower temperatures than the regular 100 Celsius.

As to the why, the chef told me that he personally found that especially more fragile and volatile flavors are better preserved, using cryovac cooking methods. Which made me think …

Don’t we need cryovac distilling?

After doing some more research, and after talking to some of our customers, here is what I learned:

  • Cryovac distilling could potentially help gin (and aquavit and flavored vodka) distilleries in harvesting subtle and volatile tastes;
  • By creating flavor essences out of substrates that would otherwise (at higher boiling temperatures) denature too rapidly;
  • Glass vacuum stills exist (for example Rotavacs). They are within the budget of the Craft Distiller, but are in general too small for efficient professional production procedures;
  • Bigger vacuum stills (20 to 50 liters) exist. They are suited for efficient professional production protocols, but come at a very high price: investments of 200 K to 500 K are the norm.

In conclusion I found that especially gin distillers would love to add cryovac distilling capacity, but the ones they can afford are usually too small. The ones they need are too expensive.

“Can we make cryovac stills bigger AND at the same time a less costly investment?” That would be the design challenge I’d put in front of my engineering team. Based on gut feeling and intuition as much as on the feedback our customers gave me, I’d say a size of 100 liter would be the goal, together with a 50% cost price reduction, for distilleries to be able to reap the benefits of cryovac distilling. But that’s just my take on it. What is yours?







Continuous Stills that know how to Cut?

Here’s another sorta “I had a dream” kinda iStill Blog post. The previous one was about magic potions … this one is about magic machines. For my thoughts on how magic potions could help the industry out, please read the following post:

The question at hand in this iStill Blog post? Here it is: “Don’t Craft Distillers need a magic distilling machine?” I mean, there already are some magic iStills out there, that can strip and finish in one go, and that can make neutral as well as taste rich spirits. But what about continuous distillation? It has been around for over a century and a half … isn’t it time we could magically integrate the efficiency and bulk processing performance of continuous distilling with cut management and ABV management of modern days pot and column stills?

What good such a magical device might do, one might ask? Well, let me give you an example or two:

  1. Such a magical machine would help bigger Bourbon distillers, that run continuous stills, at making more flavorful new make spirit. Imagine them running stills with much more effective Heads and Tails control … now that would help them create better late Heads and early Tails smearing for a more three dimensional end product!
  2. The same holds through for rum.
  3. And both whiskey and rum distillers could or should – by using the magic machine – be able to make spirits at different ABV’s. Higher proof for more purity, and lower proof for taste maximization. Heck, the magical distilling device I see we need, could go as pure as vodka or do single pass, fully cut, barrel aging strength whiskey and rum in one go …

What do you think? Does the Craft Distilling Industry need such a machine? In order to take the battle to big alcohol not just on taste, but on economies of scale as well? What say you?


How to Make single Malt Whiskey (1)

Here is a video on how to make single malt whisky. Not just any whisky, no, on the Islay Style: smokey and peaty. And not just on any machine, no. We’ll use the iStill 500. For mashing, for fermenting, and for distilling!


This first video is an introduction into the whisky making process in general and on mashing. The next one is about fermenting and distilling. The third one? Well, hold your horses! Let’s start with part one …