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The American Craft Spirits Association’s convention in Portland is cancelled. The Craft Brewing Conference 2020, planned to take place in San Antonio, Texas, just got cancelled. The American Distilling Institute’s trade-show, that should take place in New Orleans, is now cancelled as well.

What’s the major impact of those cancellations? Information and education, or better phrased: the lack thereof. Many people, wanting to enter the industry, were planning to use the above mentioned shows to learn how to set up a distillery. Others, maybe more established craft distillers, were looking forward to deepen their knowledge, and learn new tips and tricks.

That’s not going to happen now. Or is it? Feel the basses rumbling and  the percussionists picking up pace? Here is iStill University Online … center stage!

iStill University

The iStill University is the word’s leading educational and training facility for the craft distilling industry. Students rate the curriculum as in depth, innovative, and a great combination of learning and practicing. They rate the iStill University’s educational program with an amazing 9.8 out of 10.

Since the iStill University is all about informing and educating distillers, both new to the trade and experienced, we are going to use its vast knowledge base to help out. iStill University goes online!


In order to inform and educate craft distillers, to help bridge the gap created by the annual trade-shows being cancelled and distillers now not being able to find adequate information, essential to their plans and plannings, iStill University will go online.

iStill University Online will present distilling related topics in depth. So that you can use the time you originally thought you’d spend in Portland, New Orleans, or San Antonio with us and online. Convenient. No health risks. In depth.

iStill University Online’s Program

  1. March 30th: Yeast Management;
  2. April 7th: Barrel Aging.

The first video will be released on March 30th. The topic that will be presented is “Yeast Management”. The presenter will dive into different varieties of yeast, how they affect flavor, what yeast to use for what drink, and how to manage yeast health. The information shared will give you control over the flavors that develop during fermentation. Essential for the production of great bourbon, whiskey, rum, and brandy.

The second video will give a comprehensive yet easy to understand break-down on how barrel aging works and how it affects the flavors in your drinks. It will be released on April 7th.

Here’s how you can participate

Do you want to see the videos? You can watch the videos via our website For everyone to see and share, and free of charge.

iStill University …








Elevator Pitch with a Twist!


Imagine you step in an elevator and the guy that steps into the elevator with you asks what you do and why your job is important or unique. You have until the elevator reaches the first floor (or top floor) to explain to him what you do and why it matters. That, in short, is what an elevator pitch is about.

The elevator pitch is often used as a training tool in Sales. “Can you convince a total stranger to buy your service or product in the two minutes it takes to ride the elevator together?” Challenging? Let’s get started and see how the iStill Elevator Pitch could sound.

Please know that we have taken the liberty of not making this a monologue, like most elevator pitches are. Instead, it is more of a dialogue, to better represent real-world conversations. A dialogue with a twist at the end. Again … let’s get started!

Two minutes elevator pitch

Imagine that you work for iStill and that your elevator co-traveler asks you:

“What do you do for a living?”

You answer:

“I work for a company called iStill. iStill designs, builds, and sells distillation equipment that helps distillers create alcoholic beverages like brandy, gin, rum, vodka, and whiskey.”

Your co-traveler nods, and now asks:

“So what makes your company unique? Why is what it offers important?”

And you answer:

“iStill offers unique technology, that gives the distiller total control over the production of alcohol and flavor. The units that we sell, help distillers all over the world at producing quality spirits in a very consistent way.

The purchase costs of an iStill are only about a third of what competitors usually charge. The operational costs are even lower. The modern design is around 90% efficient instead of 30-ish. The automation takes care of most of the distillation process, freeing-up the hands of our customers to go out and sell bottles and make money.

The build quality of the iStills is impeccable. Every unit we sell is over-designed and beautifully finished. The class-leading build quality is reflected in our warranty terms, that are the best in the industry.

iStill has the word’s best educational facility to help train our customers in distilling and in operating an iStill. We want them to become successful and we’ll be supportive in any way we can to help them achieve their business goals.”

Two answers given

Now, imagine that you are the co-traveler. You are the co-traveler in the elevator, and you have just listened to the above story from an iStill employee. What will you answer? We feel it really depends on where you place your attention and what makes your clock tick.

As a distiller you might answer:

“That is simply amazing! I want to buy one.”

Or would you be the business man and say:

“iStills make better drinks more consistently, and at lower costs and for a longer time than any of its competitors? That means they are priced way too low!”

Personal note from our CEO

Six years ago, I took one of the first iStills with me to a distillery in the Chicago area. The goal was to show the iStill to some 14 people that were interested in distilling and wanted to see how the iStill compared to a Holstein that costed $ 200.000,-.

At the end of that day, the iStill proved to be faster and more efficient, while producing a far superior whiskey. The owner and operator of the Holstein didn’t want to make gin in his still, because it would mean 2 hours of cleaning with caustic soda, so we made it on the iStill. The gin was amazing and cleaning the iStill column only took water and 5 minutes.

I congratulate Holstein on their continued succes. The unit they sold, back then, is the same unit that they sell today. Nothing has changed technically or structurally, even though the prices seem to have dropped to around $120.000,-.

iStill has continuously pushed for more innovations and upgrades and better manufacturing methods. Today’s iStill 500 Next Generation outperforms the old model, that outperformed the unchanged Holstein, by a very big margin.

The iStill makes better drinks more consistently, and at lower costs and for a longer time than any competitor. It comes with better build quality and better warranty terms at the ridiculously low price of EUR 40.000,- / $ 45.000,-. Heck, do something crazy, add 15 grant to that, and it will even mash and ferment for you! And the iStills 2000 and 5000? Do the math, they are even better value-propositions …

I congratulate Holstein on their success. Not sure, though, if it is going to be a continued success. Their price drop could be indicative and there is a new kid on the block. If only iStill could shake-off its timidity, and replace the “Running for Pope” mentality with the mindset to say it as it is … That wouldn’t leave much market share for anyone trying to oversell outdated equipment anymore, now, would it?

Let me be so bold as to relish in that new mindset and tell you how the iStill elevator pitch should have sounded from the get go. Here you are: “iStill designs, produces, and sells the best stills in the world.” It is the simple truth, and something to be extremely proud of.

Want to discuss our ridiculous pricing?  Please do! The reason a Holstein-beating iStill 500 costs only 45k, is because it has always been designed as a 60k unit, that we have sold at a huge, market-penetrating, discount.

The same happened with the iStill 2000 and 5000. In order to establish a foothold in a craft distilling industry, that was best characterized as “strangled by tradition”, we have marketed these units at lower prices than the 100k and 150k they are actually worth.

If you want to take advantage of the amazing technology and quality we have on offer (and those discounts), please reach out to our sales manager Chris Anker. He can be reached via


Odin, CEO of iStill.

Which way do you choose? Up or down?



New PLC Technology and Software!

New computer hardware and software

We are proud to announce that we have developed, together with our technology partners, the mother of all industrial computers. The processing speeds (x10) and upgraded memory banks (x100) and upgraded graphics (x1000) are all amazing steps forward from the already impressive (and class leading) current iStill PLC (Programmable Logic Controller = industrial computer). HAL 9000 move over!

Increased performance and functionality

iStill started working on the new PLC, and its associated software, over a year ago. The functionality has been tested extensively, over the last 9 months, both at iStill HQ and at a select group of customers. The results are great.

With the new hardware and software, the following capabilities and functions are added to the iStill (or will be added in the future):

  1. The iStill Robot is 100 (!) times faster;
  2. Bigger touch screen, for a more satisfying user experience: per direct;
  3. That is 16:9 instead of 4:3 and has Full HD Color capability: per direct;
  4. Support will be on demand and internet connectivity will be for free, instead of via a Software and Service Subscription: per direct;
  5. Integration with iStill’s new StillControl App: per 2021;
  6. Data-logging, to track and register your runs: per 2021;
  7. Integrated Central Distillery Management, where all new iStills can monitor and manage up to 7 fermenters and mashers (until now a separate 10-20K option): hardware per direct, software per mid 2020.

Roll-out and ordering process

Any unit, except the i100 that will follow later, for which the ordering process starts from tomorrow onwards, will automatically (no pun intended) be equipped with the new PLC, software, and touch screen. The improved graphics and Integrated Central Distillery Management hardware are included as well. Ordering process? Nothing spectacular, just reach out to, discuss what you need, and – when you are ready to order – ask for a quotation. Business as usual …

Working on the new software (2019 pic) …


Important notices related to Corona virus!

1. We cancelled the iStill University Course planned for the end of March. Students have been informed. Traveling from around the world, and assembling in a group from all over the world, didn’t seem right. The tickets will stay valid, and students will be invited to other courses, that we planned for later this year, for free.

2. The trade-shows in the USA (ACSA, ADI and CBC) were cancelled due to the Corona virus, so you won’t be able to visit us there. Please know that we are working hard to fill the knowledge-gap you may find yourself in, with no trade-shows to participate at, and to get you the information you need to start or upgrade your craft distillery. How? By filming and releasing a series of informational/instructional videos on the original dates of the now cancelled shows. More info soon!

3. At iStill’s production facilities it is business as usual. So far, no one has fallen ill, and we have taken measures to minimize the risk of anyone getting sick. Production, to keep up with the huge boost in demand 2020 shows, has actually been upped and if anything, we expect to be perfectly able to deliver the iStills you ordered on schedule. If not ahead of it.

If anything changes, if any new information presents itself, that we need to act upon, please rest assured that we’ll approach it the iStill-way. With decisive action at our end and open communications with our friends and customers all over the world.

For now, stay healthy and prosper.

Regards, Odin
CEO of iStill.

Sunday Joke!

A gorilla walks into a bar, orders a Mai Tai, and hands the bartender a $20 bill. After recovering from his shock, the bartender thinks, Hey, this gorilla doesn’t know how much drinks cost, and hands him back one dollar in change, saying, “We don’t get too many gorillas in here.” The gorilla replies, “At 19 bucks a drink, I’m not surprised.”


The Ultimate Product Development Still!

The iStill Mini is the ultimate product development still, because you can make both pot distilled and column distilled recipes, because it is digitally controlled, because it comes with the amazing new extractor technology, and because the build-quality is, well, iStill build-quality! Manufactured in the Netherlands, no less.

The iStill Mini comes with heater, agitator, power manager, digital Bluetooth probe, and an app. It helps make brandy, gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, bitters and liqueurs. We pack the unit in a wheeled trolley bag, so it is convenient for you to transport it or to move it around.

We are currently finishing a new batch of 17 iStills Mini. They are sold for EUR 3.500,-. That’s the complete kit. With trolley bag. And transport is included! If you want to order, please reach out to If you want to book training on how to use the iStill Mini to develop a new portfolio of top-shelf spirits, contact

Column coolers: check …


Boilers: check …


Trolley bags: checked …


All set to go to customers all over the world …




iStill Support for Breweries!


More and more breweries expand into distilling, and that makes total sense. As a brewer, you already make beer and work in the alcohol industry. What makes more sense than to double your product portfolio by turning part of your beer into beer brandy, whiskey, vodka, or gin? Since most brewers, however, are new to distilling, iStill wants to help them cross the gap. How? Let’s dive in deeper!

Brewstillery Calculator

The Brewstillery Calculator helps you with the number crunching. Just fill in how big your brew system is, then add the alcohol percentage of your beer, and you will immediately learn how many bottles of whiskey, beer brandy, vodka, or gin you could produce.

Free e-Book

Our CEO and world-renowned distillation guru Odin wrote a short e-Book that answers 21 questions related to distilling. Everything you always wanted to learn about distilling? And maybe a bit more …

Interview with existing brewstiller

Travis Peterson, owner of Meadowlark Brewery & Distillery, explains the “how”, “why”, and “what” of setting up a brewstillery. You’ll find the interview we did with him helpful, we are sure.


The iStill University’s 4-day course trains you to become a distiller. It is a hands-on training, where you learn how to make spirits and how to operate the distilling part of your business.

Landing page

Please find our dedicated brewstillery landing page. All the above support can be found there. The address is:

Picture of the brewstillery e-Book …