Copper iStill Details!

As you might have heard, we have designed a complete line-up of copper iStills. We are building the first units as we speak and they will be amazing. “God is in the details”, as the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once said. It holds true for architecture and it holds true for still design.

Building a copper column or copper boiler isn’t much of a challenge. It’s the fine metal machining that truly shows how we master more than one material.

Proof? Here’s a picture of the iStill quick-connect, hose tail, and thermo-couple. In copper, but with the exact same finishing level as our stainless steel units. “Exact” as in < 0.1 mm tolerance.

Update on Lead Times!

Due to growing demand, our lead times are increasing. For orders that come in after June 1st, the new lead times will be:

  • Six months for our stainless steel production stills (CE, UL, ULC, AS, NZS);
  • Nine months for stainless steel production stills (ATEx, IECEx);
  • Nine months for all copper iStills (all certifications)

The iStill Mini maintains its fast, three week delivery time.

iStill University Certified Master Distillers Training!


After over a year of not being able to give on-site trainings at iStill HQ, we are proud and happy to announce we are opening up again! The iStill Distilling University organizes the Certified Master Distillers Training at iStill HQ.


The iStill University Certified Master Distillers Training takes place from October 4th till October 8th, in Woerden, at iStill HQ, located under Amsterdam, at around 30 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.


The Certified Master Distillers Training is a practical training, where we train you how to make brandy, gin, rum, vodka, and whisky, as well as liqueurs. The focus is on “learning by doing”. You’ll spend as much time as possible behind the iStill Mini to make a variety of spirits, and to learn how to manage your still as well as how to make perfect cuts. Mashing and fermenting, and runs on the bigger iStills will also be part of the curriculum.


The Certified Master Distillers Training picks up where the iStill Certified Craft Distilling courses stop. The Craft Distillers course teaches you the theories around distilling, where the Master Distillers course focusses on hands-on training. The Certified Craft Distillers course is theoretical, the Certified Master Distillers Training is practical.

In order to participate at the Certified Master Distillers Training, you need to be a Certified Craft Distiller already. We need everybody to be on the same page, on the same theoretical knowledge-base, before we can dive in deeper via the Certified Master Distillers Course.



·      Welcome

·      Theory of distillation recap

·      Smelling all alcohols

·      Filling the iStill Mini with wine

·      Fractioning the wine

·      Making cuts to turn wine into brandy

·      Watching brandy program on iStill 500


·      Theory of fermentation recap

·      Mashing 10 liters

·      Fermenting 10 liters

·      Organoleptic training overview

·      Visiting the windmill

·      Dinner


·      Feedback from day 1

·      Theory of extraction recap

·      Extraction on the Mini

·      Extraction on the i500

·      Creating hard seltzers

·      Sensory training: fruits and grapes


·      Creating a program on the iStill

·      Programming the iStill

·      Cleaning the iStill Mini

·      Distilling vodka on the Mini

·      Distilling vodka using ABV-C


·      Feedback from day 2

·      Turning extracts into liqueurs

·      Turning extracts into essences

·      Finishing run: vapour speeds


·      Sensory training: botanicals

·      DIstilling gin on the iStill Mini

·      Sensory training: faults

·      Visiting Rummiclub Distillery


·      Feedback from day 3

·      Sensory training: wood

·      Cleaning the iStill Mini

·      Distilling rum frow low wines

·      Aging spirit with heat and oxygen

·      Aging spirit with ultrasound

·      Using wood chips for aging


·      Distilling fermentation on the iStill Mini

·      Sensory training: aged spirits

·      Measuring and diluting your spirit

·      Evaluation of the spirits

·      Food pairing theory

·      Graduation dinner


Participating at the Certified Master Distillers Training costs EUR 2.495,-. Two dinners and four lunches are included, as well as your certification.


Do you want to participate? Please know we maximize the number of students to 12. You will be working with the iStills Mini in groups of 2.

For registration, please email

Pre-Covid picture of the iStill Distilling University …

We feel this is something we need to share …

There are two trends taking place that are starting to affect the industrial world in general and craft distilling specifically, and we feel we need to share them with you, our customers. We are referring to the global chip shortage and the ever rising prises of raw materials.

Copper and stainless steel have, since the beginning of this year, seen price increases of 30%. Since stills are made out of copper or stainless steel, this price-rise directly results in higher production costs per still. How it affects craft distillers? Well, stills are bound to become more expensive soon.

The global chip shortage is the result of pandemic-related lower production numbers, combined with souring demand. It affects the price of electronics and may lead to increased lead times.

iStill, so far, has been able to keep the pricing of its units stable. We haven’t increased our prices at the beginning of the new year. We haven’t yet had to increase our prices during 2021. Our goal is to keep our prices at the current level as long as we can. The Covid Crisis has hit the industry hard enough.

Anticipating even higher demand for our innovative distillation technologies, we have purchased a lot of automation-related parts early in 2021. But as demand for the iStills is growing at an exponential rate, and chip supplies run lower and lower, we anticipate that this trend will impact our future lead times.

iStill, so far, has been able to maintain a 3 to 4 month lead time. The iStill Management Team, in anticipation of increased demand and potential chip shortages, expects our lead times to go up to 5 to 6 months soon. For some specific certifications, like ATEx and IECEx, lead times will increase to 7 to 9 months.

The way in which we will manage these challenges is conform the “first-in/first-out”-principle. Those orders that come in first (in terms of us receiving a signed purchase agreement and the associated first installment), will be first in line for delivery.

At your service,

iStill Management Team.