Pur Malt!

Yesterday, Vincent Godier was so kind as to send me a bottle of his “Pur Malt”. What “Pur Malt” is? “Pur Malt” is a French spirit category applicable to an Eau de Vie made from malted barley, that has no aging requirement. One could call it a young single malt whisky, that does not yet meet the required 3 year barrel aging requirement.

Speaking to Vincent, he explained me the following: “Our Pur Malt Nr. 1 is a blend of 6 to 13 month old, barrel aged new make whisky. The average age being 7 months old. We sell it on https://shop.solignywhisky.fr and is is distributed by Freespirits Distribution in France (mainly upper end liquor shop, bars and hotels). It is almost sold out (only 2400 bottles). Retail price is 55 euros.”

Love the design …

Already a really nice color …

Serving Craft Distillers around the Globe!

How many iStills fit in one truck? One iStill 2000 goes to a French distillery. The other iStill 2000 goes to another French distillery. The iStill 500 plus Extractor go to Japan. The iStill 200 … to Serbia. One iStill Mini plus additional 50 liter boiler is “en route” to a US customer. The second iStill Mini will go to Canada. So the answer is … ?


Extending our Lead: Advanced Distilling Conquers the World!

Nine years ago I started iStill. The mission? To make distilling easy. To make craft distilling viable. To empower craft distillers around the world via hands-on and theoretical education. To bring technology to the market that slashed energy, labor, and investment costs, and is able to reliably create high-quality spirits in a reproducible manner.

Today celebrates a milestone. We have over 1,000 customers! Over 1,000 craft distillers, from all over the world, use our amazing technology to make a living, to produce better spirits more consistently, and to provide for their loved ones. Over 1,000 families, master distillers, businesses that connect, that share, that nib away at Big Alcohol’s market share, one glass at a time. Over 1,000 craft distillers that own the future of our industry …

On behalf of the iStill Team, I want to express our feelings of both gratitude and pride. Thank you for choosing iStill, thank you for making this happen.

At your service,

Drs. H.E.J. (Odin) van Eijk MScBA, etc.

Founder & CEO of iStill.

Today’s map of the world looks kinda iStilly …