Cocktails in Times of Corona!

Rummieclub is a rum distillery operating out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This is how they deal with the corona pandemic:

In our last newsletter the whole world was different; We were looking forward to our opening party and all the nice workshops and events we had planned. Our calender is completely empty now and we are making plans for a society on 1,5 meter distance, bizarre. Even though the timing couldn’t have been worse for us at the start of our sales and the moment we have the least savings, we are busy making plans how to survive this. The first few weeks we focussed on extra production and we expect to sell next month at the webshops of liquor stores. We are not there yet, but luckily there is already a way to taste our rum; We are starting a cocktail delivery service this week!

As distillery in the Netherlands we are not allowed to sell rum to consumers ourselves; Spirits with more than 15% alcohol can only be sold by liquor stores. But that’s not the case for our rum cocktails as they are below 15% abv. And that’s why we are opening a Rummieclub Cocktail Service in the region of Amsterdam!

Do you also want a lovely summer cocktail (250ml) with the first Rummieclub rum or know people in Amsterdam? In the image above you can see how it works and what we have on the menu this week. Next order deadline is Wednesday 15 april. 

Do you want to help us? Share this message with your friends. Support your locals 🙂

Rummieclub Cocktails …

Rummieclub Cocktail service_english.jpg


Shipping more iStills around the World!

As mentioned in previous posts, we are putting in massive overtime in order to meet the ever growing demand for iStills. March was the best month ever and April isn’t exactly lagging behind.

Here are pictures of us shipping more iStills all over the world. Where to? Well, to the Ledgerock Distillery (USA), to Staunstrup Distillery (Denmark), and to Fox & Seeker (again USA) …


Aris Aristidou’s Feedback!

I finished a hand sanitizer run (vodka run program with a lower tolerance setting) on my iStill today for the first time and I was just amazed by the control of the distillation process it offers the user! I had a steady flow of 93-94% until there was no more! (this is not a paid advertisement and the reflux capacitor was NOT sitting idly outside)

Aris and the program he runs on his iStill 2000 …

Haf Leyshon from Wales!

Hi Veronika,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the service from iStill!

It has just arrived and can’t wait to start! Still a way to go on the brand and building preparation, but we are getting there!!!!

Thank you to you and all the iStill Team!

Haf Leyshon

Haf with her new iStill 500 and Extractor …





Super Fast Production & Delivery, iStill Style!

A customer from across the pond, urgently needing an iStill 2000, ordered the unit we had on display in the iStill University. He contacted us last Friday. The money came in on Monday morning. We managed to have the unit disassembled and ready for crating by noon. Crating was done on Monday afternoon. The unit flew across the pond in an airplane on Tuesday.

Now, please know that our normal lead times are currently 4, maybe 5 months due to overall high demand. But for those that help battle corona by making hand-sanitizer, please know that we still have the capability to put in extra shifts and produce units outside of normal batches.

It comes at a 15% increase in costs (overtime, non-optimal steel purchase quantities, etc.), but we are – as an exception – still able to push out units in 6 to 7 weeks. That’s not as fast as the above example, but then again, we have all but sold-out our iStill University. Only thing left that’s ready for transport in days instead of weeks is an i500 and some iStills Mini.

iStill 2000 leaving for Canada in a hurry …


Love in the Time of Corona!

Hello All at iStill,

I wanted to update everyone on the iStill installation. We successfully installed the unit and had it running last week. We did the cleaning and sacrificial runs and ran about 120 gallons of 194 proof ethanol on the first run.

This was excellent news as we have changed gears in the US. Limited distilleries have joined forces to produce hand sanitizer due to the extreme shortage in the US given the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The timing of receiving the still could not have been  better. We are making hand sanitizer for the public as well as local and regional health care facilities. Without this iStill, I would be dramatically reduced in capacity.

The Crostwater Team says THANK YOU. As well as our local community and health care teams.

Best regards,

Kevin D. Close

COO, Crostwater Distilled Spirits


The new iStill 2000 has arrived at Crostwater Distilled Spirits …