iStill Contract Distilling!

We just shipped 4,000 bottles of Perfumetrees Gin to Hong Kong. The gin, was designed by the Cheung  Brothers. And they asked us to distill it for them, using the iStill Distillery near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Are you you considering to contract distill your spirits? Please consider our services. Why? Well, here we go:

  1. We help you template and replicate your spirit to perfection, using our laboratory
  2. Our iStills have unmatched control of the distillation process, resulting in perfect production runs
  3. Given our large network, we can produce your spirits to perfection on almost every major market
  4. The efficiency of the iStills is unrivaled, resulting in low production costs per bottle

Do you want to learn more about iStill Contract Distilling? Please reach out to

iStill Rent-to-Own now available!

Starting up a distillery is no small feit. You need the vision, the plans, the licensing, and the money. Money … how about we try and make that part easier for you? Our pay-off or tagline is “Distilling made easy”, after all.

So here it is! We are proud to announce we now offer the possibility to rent-to-own your iStill. The advantage? The bank buys the iStill and rents it out to you. You pay a monthly installment, that helps minimize your capital investment up front. And after 5 years, the iStill is yours. We hope and expect this new service will help (some of) you take that step and dive into craft distilling 21st century style.

Do you want some examples of what it costs to rent-to-own an iStill? Here we go:

iStill 500 NextGen:

  • Base model. Monthly installment for 5 years: EUR 527
  • Full options. Monthly installment for 5 years: EUR 869

iStill 2000 NextGen:

  • Base model. Monthly installment for 5 years: EUR 843
  • Full options. Monthly installment for 5 years: EUR 1343

iStill 5000 NextGen:

  • Base model. Monthly installment for 5 years: EUR 1222
  • Full options. Monthly installment for 5 years: EUR 1838

Of course, exact costs depend on your specific order and actual credit rating. For more information, please reach out to your iStill Wizard!


iStills on the Islands of Scilly!

Hello Odin and Veronika!

Just before you head off for your weekend (relaxing I hope!!), we would just like to send you photos of our stills arriving on Scilly.  The crossing from Lands End was a rough windy one as we are having pretty bad weather here on the islands… but they were packaged so brilliantly that they got here safely!

We are now very excited to put them together and when the final electrics and plumbing have been sorted, we will be ready to distill!  In the meantime we have our first delivery of GNS next week and so will be finalising our gin recipe ready to scale up!

Have a great weekend!

Best wishes

Hils and Art

The iStills arrive at the distillery …


iStill Extractor on an iStill floor …


Unloading the iStill 500 …


Uncrating the still …

IMG_0108 2

View from the back …


Assembly can start …


Setting up for the Australian Workshop!

We are currently giving a 4-day workshop on distilling in Tasmania, Australia. No less than 18 distillers joined! We had to turn down 4 applications, because the group – at 18 – is already very big. We’ll make up for that next year, when we plan to do another workshop here! For now … some pictures of us setting up, prior to the start of the actual workshop.

The future class room …


The iStill Mini’s awaiting the students …


Sarah and William tuning the TV …


The distilling hall of Summerleas Distillery …


The iStill 2000 is almost done fermenting some 1600 liters of whisky beer …