More on iStill One Performance …

We did some tests on the iStill One. In full attack mode. That’s with the iCatalyst & oversized copper SPP in place. And with all three Cleaning Sections on top of that. For the highest ABV. Here are the numbers we got from a 1,000 liter 18% turbo wash:

  • At just 40% power the iStill One produced 33 liter per hour at 96%;
  • At 90% power the iStill One produced 70 liters per hour at 90%.

The power input at 40% may be close to perfect for a one run brandy or whiskey. Off course, you’d have to take out two cleaning sections. You don’t want to distill whiskey at 96%, you want to distill it to around 65 to 70%.

If you take out two cleaning sections, what happens inside the iStill One? Well, less reflux is created, actually. This means less of the vapours rising up from the boiler are being redistilled. In short? More product per hour at a lower ABV.

With power set at 40%, and only one Cleaning Section (instead of three) in place, the ABV of your hearts cut will be around 65 to 70%, while the collection rate increases to above 40 liters per hour.

Say you want to make a whiskey in one run and you have 1,000 liters of mash? The iStill One heats up in about an hour and a half and will then start to produce product. Since 1,000 liters at 8% gives a total (theoretical) amount of alcohol of 80 liters at 100%, and since that equals around 120 liters at 67%, you can finish your actual whiskey run in another 3 hours.!pristillone/c1fyo


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