A new idea on product placement

Hi there!

I need to have your input on this. We are thinking on making our product line more transparent, less complex. Especially, since we will be adding a few items to the product line-up very soon. The iStill Masher, the iStill Fermenter, and the iStill Distillery.

Here’s the line of thinking we are considering at this moment. The iStill 50 is mainly used as a rig for product development. Currently, we offer it as is, without iCatalyst. But shouldn’t that be part of the deal always? Shouldn’t we deliver the iStill 50 with iCatalyst always?

The same with the iStill 250. Over the last year we have just sold two (!) iStills 250 without iCatalyst. So … shouldn’t we make the iCat part of the deal? And stop selling the iCatalyst as a seperate item? And if we decide to do so, shouldn’t we get rid of the current, additional 220v conversion? Instead, we can add it as a choice. You buy an iStill 250, you always get the iCat with it, and you tell us whether you want it at 400v and 45 amps or at 220v and 80 amps.

On the iStill One we already do this. Every iStill One we sell will always have the iCatalyst as well as the additional cleaning sections. So if it holds true to the iStill One, shouldn’t our other products be “full options” as well? What do you think?



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