iStill Distilling University Dives Deeper!


The iStill Distilling University has established itself, in the five years since its introduction, as the craft distilling industry’s leading educational facility. Over 200 students participated at the courses that the iStill Distilling University provided annually and students rate the curriculum with an astonishing 9.8 on a 10-point scale.

The way the iStill Distilling University was set-up was via courses that took place in groups and that dealt with theory as well as practice. Students would learn how to mash, and ferment, and distill, and then put that into practice at iStill HQ, where the iStill Distilling University resides.

A deeper learning experience

Based on our experience and your feedback, we have now reorganized the way the iStill Distilling University is set-up. The goal? To turn an astonishing experience in an even better one! To take your learning and training to the next level. To cater to your needs, if you want to become the best distiller you can be, making the best spirits possible, and winning medals while making them.

In short, from now onwards, the Distilling University will replace the “one size fits all” with a more tailor-made make-up. From now onwards, the iStill Distilling University will offer three levels of training and learning, three levels of participation:

  1. Distiller;
  2. Craft Distiller;
  3. Master Distiller.

Distiller (level 1)

People interested in distilling can register at the iStill University Online for free. They get access to all the articles of the iStill Blog, arguably the world’s biggest library of distillation information. Subscription to the eNewsletter “Distillers Weekly” is also included. And you get access to three free movies from the Certified Craft Distiller Course.

This base level entry into the Distilling University keeps anyone interested in craft distilling up to date on what’s happening in the industry. This entry level is a great way to start learning about distilling. The information shared is based on facts and science, rather than anecdotical story-telling and make-belief.

Certified Craft Distiller (level 2)

Do you want to become a craft distiller? Then the second layer of training and learning that the iStill Distilling University offers will serve you just fine. This second level offers you an online learning environment with dozens of instructional video’s that teach you all about craft distilling. The instructional video’s are complimented with practical video’s that show you how to make gin, vodka, brandy, rum, whiskey, and liqueurs. Q&A-sessions further deepen the training of your capabilities and understanding.

The online training can be purchased on its own, but it is advised to include the iStill Mini in the purchase. That way you can train yourself on executing the theories presented, and you can start developing your skills as well as your recipes.

The Certified Craft Distiller Course is home-schooling or self-training. No need to fly over to the Netherlands. It comes with an exam. Successful participation and graduation results in the student becoming a Certified Craft Distiller.

The Certified Craft Distiller Course costs EUR 2.000,-. The iStill Mini is (with transport and trolley bag) EUR 3.500,-. Buy them together for the package deal of EUR 5.000,-. For more information, please see:

Certified Master Distiller (3)

For those that want to dive in deeper, we now have added a new, 4-day additional course, that takes place at iStill HQ and where you will receive hands-on training in small groups. Using the iStill 10, 50 and 100, you will mash, ferment, and distill and perfect your recipes with our guidance.

We’ll also extensively train you on flavor recognition, since that is the strongest tool distillers have to interpret how a drink was made, how any faults can be identified and resolved, and how the world’s best spirits can be designed and produced.

The successful participation and graduation results in the student becoming a Certified Master Distiller. In order to participate, the student must already be a Certified Craft Distiller. The Certified Master Distiller Course costs EUR 3.000,- and takes place at iStill HQ in the Netherlands. All lunches and dinners are included (in fact the dinners will be part of the training, focussing on spirits tasting and food and cocktail pairing).

For more information and registration, please reach out to

Layers of learning …


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