Mashing Tulip Bulbs with the iStill 2000!

“How about a challenge?”, Joris Putman said, “How about we mash tulip bulbs for my tulip vodka in the iStill 2000?”

“Sure, why not?”, was my answer.

“Well,” Joris replied, “the way I want to do it is with like 800 kilo’s of tulip bulbs vs. 1100 liters of water.”

And that is steep, folks! Very steep. With grain, a normal ratio is 1 kilo of grain vs. 4 liters of water. In the case of the Clusius Craft Distillers’ tulip vodka mashing, we were talking closer to a 1:1.3. A wash three time thicker than a normal grain bill mashing scheme.

Since there is only one way to find out if the iStill, with its amazing boiler design and jet propulsion agitator system, can do the job, well, we went ahead and just did it. With great success, I can say. Here are some pictures and movies to show you how the day went.

Joris and the iStill …


Big ass pump (also made in the Netherlands) …


Filling the iStill 2000 …

Mashing the tulip bulbs …

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