Feeling Blessed by Customer Feedback!

Hey Odin 


Please excuse the late email but I’m prompted to write to you in light of the results of the International Wine & Spirits Competition spirits category. 

In reviewing the medal winners, there are many who continually gain awards year on year using iStills.  We have to thank you for your insight and advancement of the antiquated systems in producing a brilliant alternative to the copper still.   

We all benefit, not only from your state of the art equipment, but your knowledge and your teaching at the IStill university, which educates us and gives us all a platform to explore and experiment with our spirits and flavours.

We came to you originally back in 2018 with no knowledge of the theory of distillation, just the crazy idea that we wanted to make great spirits.   Four years on and we gained our first medal 2 months after our Island Gin was released…a ‘Master’ in the gin category, only one of 14 in group of 350 worldwide gins, including entries from ‘big alcohol’ as you call it. 

After that, year on year, every spirit we release we have gained a medal…..yesterday we heard that our aged rosé gin won a gold at IWSC. Only 16 golds in the UK and 51 in the gin category worldwide.  For us, this is an exciting achievement. I know that many of your IStill customers have gained that, and more, and continually, but for me as a distiller on our little island, I’m so proud ….and thankful to you and your team for the equipment, education, encouragement and support ( poor William, I’ve been emailing him a bit lately with our new still).


We are now moving into whisky, (thanks to Sebastiaan for his guidance and advice). We had a Michelin chef in our distillery yesterday who pledged to stock our gins, but also totally loved our new make spirit.  Without you guys, none of this would have been possible and every time I turn on my two lovely i500’s I am grateful to you.

Without seeming too ‘cheesy’ I just wanted to thank you all!  You guys give us all the platform to make great spirits, each and every time!

Very best regards

Scilly Spirit Distillery
Isles of Scilly


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