One thought on “New Craft Story: New World Distillery!

  1. Hi Odin.
    We are in the UK here (Northern Ireland).

    We have been working hard to develop a Gin recipe and are deeply enthusiastic about starting our own brand. I would like know if if you could help me with a problem we have encountered. I have had a few and I like the challenge but i’m getting stuck on this one. We are using a small 10L alembic still for recipe testing, 1L batches. Currently running 400ml GNS 600 Water. We have the flavour profile down to something we like and we are diluting down to 43% abv. 25g of total ingredients are macerated in the 400/600 charge for 24 hours then we run it. A small amount of peels and elderflower and lavender etc are in the basket above.

    However, I have had the problem that 1 drink with tonic feels like i’ve had 2 drinks, 2 feels like 4, so it ‘feels’ too strong – but it’s still 43%. I also sometimes have felt a bit of an upset stomach after drinking too much of it – but yet it tastes good and like a good gin! Have you any idea if this is a cut problem? An Ingredient problem? I feel the last one was an improvement as I cut way more heads that previous runs. This is a problem i’m working on and trying my best but i’m wondering if it’s a bad batch of GNS – however i can’t imagine that as it’s from a large reputable company in the UK.

    Would love to hear from you as i’ve read just about everything you’ve posted!



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