About iStill – distilling made easy!

Why we do the things we do? What makes our clock tick?

We believe that challenging the status-quo is the only way forward.

How we do that?

By thinking outside of the box and doing things differently, iStill designs beautiful and revolutionary high-tech products.

What we do?

We simply build the best distillation equipment in the world.

Where we are located?

iStills are designed and produced in the Netherlands, Europe’s most competitive and innovative economy (source: WEF).

How we support our customers?

iStill trains its customers to become master distillers. We share knowledge and experience widely and freely, and actively support various distillers networks.

When iStill started?

In started production in april 2013, so only around 7 years ago.

How big is iStill?

Since 2013 we delivered over 750 stills and distilleries to customers all over the globe. We are proud to be the world’s leading still and distillery manufacturer.

What will the future bring?

A distilling industry that frees itself from the tyranny of tradition, and – instead – bustles with vibrant and creative energy.

Anything else?

Hope to meet you soon in Amsterdam. Let’s have a drink and discuss distillation!


Drs. Odin van Eijk, MScBA, etc.

CEO of iStill.

Creating big ripples …



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