Schouten Distillery!

Erwin and Joyce Schouten start the Schouten Distillery in the city of Veghel in the Netherlands. Here are a few pictures of us helping Erwin load his iStill 500 NextGen. And Erwin off loading and installing the unit in his distillery:

Factory pick up …


Unloading …


The last meters are the most difficult ones …


Schouten’s iStill has reached its destination …


4 thoughts on “Schouten Distillery!

  1. Hi Dear Odin, I think istill serials or we can say the column still are only fits for the gin, vodka, rum, or bourbon. Not very good for the scotch single malt, am I right?

    • You are wrong. Scottish single malt, like rum, benefits from the smearing of early tails into hearts. That where most of the taste is found, after some adequate aging. Slender columns facilitate high vapor speeds. High vapor speeds allow for early tails to come over. This makes the iStills in potstill mode awesome at single malt whisky making.

  2. Oh, forgot to ask, how’s the price of the cask? Does that sells to the person who didn’t buy an iStill ever before like me?

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