Firmware Version 4.0

We upgraded our Firmware again. Not much new functionality to share. But there is an essential difference. We replotted the software in a kind of matrix structure.

The iStill 50, 250, and VISION all have Potstill and Pure Mode. And Fores and Heads removal programs, etc. But each model has its own specifications, since each model differs: bigger diameter columns or smaller diameter columns, 18 KW (iStill 250) or 4 KW max. Those kind of things.

In short? Up until now, we needed one computer with a special program. A program specially fitted to the computer for that specific iStill. Each computer ran one program for one type of iStill.

What’s new? Firmware version 4.0 is multi functional. With one computer you can now run any type of iStill. Okay, the computer you get is dialed in for the specific type you buy, but if need be, and with our help, you can now use a computer for a 50 model and put it on a 250 and vice versa.

More flexibility for the same amount of money. An example? Say you ordered an iStill 50 without Power Management Module (PMM) and you want to buy the new PMM. Up until now, you also needed a new computer. As of now, the new computer with Firmware 4.0, will serve you in both cases. If you have that new PMM installed, you now just make a Skype call to the iStill Support Team and they will guide you through the steps it takes to “add” the PMM to the computer programming.


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