Update iStill Mini Availability!

We are delighted to see that our new, small product development still, the iStill Mini, is a huge success. We just shipped four more to customers all over the world. After delivering four others personally, just a week ago, when we did the Denver based iStill University Workshop.

Why share this information? Well, guess what? The last batch of iStills Mini is nearing depletion. There are now only five more left. Of course, we will start building another batch of 50 new iStills Mini, but that will only be ready in 10 weeks from now.

So, if you want to order an iStill Mini, and you need one quickly, please reach out to Veronika@iStillmail.com today …

Four more iStills Mini fly out to customers all over the world today …



Scottish Whisky iStill!


Any iStill can make any product. Whisky, vodka, rum, brandy, or gin … you name it, the iStill can make it. But that’s just the production side of things. Sometimes additional rules or laws apply. Scottish single malt is an example. Additional rules are set in place.

In this iStill Blog post I will explore what those additional rules are and how iStill helps customers – with its advanced technology – at making amazing Scottish single malt whisky. Yes! iStill made Scottish single malt whisky according to the rules of the Scottish Whisky Association.

Scottish single malt whisky

Scottish single malt whisky is a full bodied, three dimensional spirit, produced by batch distillation. But there are more rules applicable. For instance: it has to be made in Scotland, but there is more, so let’s dive in deeper.

Scottish single malt whisky needs to be distilled in a potstill. Otherwise it cannot be called Scottish single malt whisky. Not just any potstill though! The potstill needs a lyne arm and at least all the gases need to touch copper only. In practice, this means that the top of the boiler, the riser and the lyne arm need to be all copper. The boiler and product cooler can me made out of other materials as well.

The iStill solution to Scottish single malt production

We are proud to announce that we can now help out Scots that want to produce single malt whisky. We hereby introduce the iStill 500, 2000, and 5000 Copper. Not because it makes better whisky, but simply because it is the only way in which we can help out our Scottish customers that want to produce single malt whisky.

The units come with a PLC, automated run programs, and automated cuts for heads, hearts, and tails. The units are directly fired and can be fitted with our famous Jet Propulsion Agitator System (J-PAS). The new range comes standard with Dynamic Cuts Management for an unmatched batch consistency and production efficiency.

The 500 liter version produces 50 liter of spirits per hour. The 2000 liter still produces up to 100 liters per hour. The iStill 5000 Copper produces up to a whopping 200 liters per hour.


The iStill 500 Copper costs EUR 75.000,-. The iStill 2000 Copper costs EUR 125.000,-. The biggest (so far) version is the iStill 5000 Copper. It sells for EUR 175.000,-.

On a five year rent-to-own basis, the iStill 500 Copper can be leased for EUR 1.596,- per month. The iStill 2000 Copper would cost EUR 2.660,- per month. The iStill 5000 Copper can be leased for EUR 3.724,- per month.

Request for more information

For more information, please reach out to Sales@iStillmail.com.



Personal message to Odin …

Dear Odin,

The beard really looks good on you 😜

I would like to share with you our happiness by informing you that Old Pilot’s Gin won SILVER medal and was certified as craft spirit on ADI 2019.

Also, a few days ago we won GOLD medal in San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2019, in the London Dry Category.

All this makes us very proud and could only have happened with you and iStill.

All the best,


Old Pilot’s Gin …



Setting-up for the USA iStill University Workshop!

Assembling, testing, discussing. That’s usually what goes on the day before we have another, on location iStill University Workshop. This time, we are at 52eighty Distilling. And here are some pictures about us preparing things:

Instructors selfie: Odin, Jason, and Erik …


52eighty distilling hall …


Four iStills Mini product development stills await the students …


Drew loads the iStill 2000 with single malt whisky wash …


iStill Mini ready to run single malt whisky as well …



Video Impression iStill University!

Here is a short movie we made. It gives an impression of the last 4-day workshop at the Netherlands based iStill University. We are currently preparing to give another iStill University Workshop in Denver, USA. The class takes place at 52eighty Distilling and starts tomorrow. For more info, or registration (yes, still a few places available!), reach out to: Veronika@iStillmail.com


52eighty Distilling wins big time!

“We are excited to announce that we have won the Gold Medal, in addition to four other awards, from the American Distilling Institute this year!

Come relax in our tasting room that backs up to the Beautiful Rocky Mountains and try these Award Winning Spirits for yourself!”

• Best of Category – Gold Medal: Cackler’s Whiskey
• Certified Craft Spirit – Silver Medal: Cackler’s Whiskey
• Certified Craft Spirit – Bronze Medal: Summer Peach Vodka
• Certified Craft Spirit: Winter Wheat Vodka
• Certified Craft Spirit: Hearthstone Whiskey