Why Brewers Buy iStills!


More and more craft brewers buy iStills. Why? Well, the short answer is simply this: because they want to add distilled beverages to their product portfolio.

That’s the short answer. But why do they choose iStill? We spoke to some of our craft brewing customers and here are the top answers they gave.

Process control

“As a brewer, whenever I brew a new style of beer and it is a success, I want to be able to reproduce that beer exactly. That’s why – in the brewery – we invested heavily in process control. Control leads to reproducible outcomes and the same quality beer. What attracted me in iStill is your focus on process control. It allows me to make spirits very much the same way I make beers: in a reproducible manner.”

Stainless steel

“Our brewhouse is stainless steel. It is low maintenance and lasts like forever. That makes it a good material to invest in. iStills were the first stills we saw that were also made from stainless steel. It made total sense for us to choose iStill.”


“When our team wanted to learn about distilling, well, it was as if we ran into a brick wall. Nobody could tell us anything, unless we hired expensive consultants. With iStill you don’t just buy a still. You also become a member of a community where distillers help each other out. Moreover, our experience with the iStill Team and the support they deliver, has been excellent! Very helpful and explanatory”


“In our brewery I took on distilling. What I liked was the education and courses iStill offers. Not only did I make friends for life, also I learned how to distill whiskey, rum, gin, and vodka to perfection. When the iStill arrived I was ready for it.”

Are you a craft brewer interested in distilling?

Reach out to us so we can discuss how we can be of assistance to you realizing your plans!


Huge Discount Opportunity for American Distillers!

The gist of it

The current macro-economic environment creates a big opportunity for American distillers. As the Euro has become cheaper over the last year, relative to the dollar, purchasing an iStill has become significantly more affordable.

An example

The iStill 2000 Hybrid costs EUR 90,000.-. At the “old” exchange rate per January 1st 2022, with one Euro costing USD 1.15, this translated into a purchase costs in dollars of USD 103,500.-.

Given that the current exchange rate for the Euro is about USD 1.00 instead of USD 1.15, buying in Euro’s has become a lot cheaper. The EUR 90,000.- iStill 2000 Hybrid now only costs USD 90,000.-.

There you have it: a BIG opportunity for American distillers to buy iStills at a discount. Where the iStill 2000 Hybrid would have costed you USD 103,500.- a little over half a year ago, it now sets you back only USD 90,000.-. Your savings? USD 13,500.-! If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, please reach out to us via Esther@iStillmail.com …


Meet the Beast!

The iStill 5000 is the biggest still / distillery we produce. It can mash, ferment, and distill up to 5000 liters of boiler charge. It’ll produce any drink to perfection. You dial in a recipe, save it, and the iStill 5000 will do that run over and over again. Precision leads to reproducibility leads to consistent quality.

Lowest energy consumption per liter of spirits produced? You bet! Depending on settings the iStill 5000 is 90 to 95% energy efficient, versus 25 to 30% energy efficiency for traditional stills. Lower costs directly translate into higher margins, and green is the new gold.

Longevity? We have units that are in constant spirits production and have over 20,000 hours under their belt. Without downtime. Without issues. Without the need for spare or replacement parts. We build distilleries that last. Decades, not years.

Underneath are pictures of the latest iteration of the iStill 5000. With upgraded 120 kW power management and the new reworked and slightly taller and beefier column. We currently have two in production. One for a Japanese whiskey distillery, the other for a Belgium gin distillery.

The next one could be yours. I mean, what other distillery allows you to mash, ferment, and distill 2.5 barrels of 60 to 65% new make spirit per week with time left to also produce a batch of 4,000 bottles of – say – gin or vodka? What other still helps you produce – again, on a weekly basis – up to 17,500 bottles of rum or whiskey? Fully automated, no need for an expensive master distiller, and for less than 175,000 dollars or Euro …

This one goes to Belgium, sorry …

Fully build-up, which takes less than 3 hours …


Releasing Some iStill Rum!

We drew a few bottles of rum from our barrels. Just to see how they are doing. They aged for 2 years and 2 months. Tasty? Very tasty! Already at their prime? No, not yet. We intended to distill this rum in such a way that 4 years of aging would make it perfect. It is pretty darn impressive already. And almost there. All we need to add to it … is a little more patience.