ACSA Convention in Pittsburgh!

Jason, Avian and Odin are currently in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where iStill participates at the convention and trade show organized by the American Craft Spirits Association. Yesterday was the opening day. Four hours of cocktails, talks, networking, and more. Busy event, well, for us at least. Many people visiting our stand and being amazed at the amazing technology we have to offer! Here are a few pictures …

News on the iStill 100 NextGen!


The iStill 100 NextGen has been a huge success. And since the iStill Team firmly believes that you should always change a winning team … here’s the new iStill 100 NextGen!

What’s the same

The boiler and the insulation stay the same. So does the cleaning in place system (CIP).

What has changed

The iStill 100 NextGen now has:

  • New PLC and new programming, now the same as the i500, i2000, and i5000;
  • Including an Extractor program;
  • Internet connectivity;
  • New robot, again the same as the i500, i2000, and i5000 already had;
  • Automated Cuts Selector for Heads, Hearts, and Tails;
  • A bigger, stronger, and longer heating element at 7.5 kW and 400 volts;
  • An additional thermometer probe in the column;
  • The improved iStill Collection Head with blind plate for robot assembly;
  • A bigger column cooler that allows the unit to run at higher power settings;
  • Oversized iStill 500 after cooler to bring produced spirits back to room temp.

The unit is now a perfect little copy of its bigger siblings!

Production and Orders

We have stopped producing the outgoing model. We are starting up production of the new units next week. Orders can be placed from now onwards. Please be aware that the online iStill Design Center still shows the old unit. We hope to amend that before the end of September.


The price of the iStill 100 NextGen is now EUR 15.000,-.


Building up the new iStill 100 NextGen in the iStill University …


How to Make Peachcello Liqueur!


Last few weeks I have played around with the new iStill Extractor Column a lot. One of the most interesting recipes I produced is a drink made with peaches. It’s not exactly a liqueur (because the recipe only uses 100 grams of sugar per liter), and it is not really a “cello” either, since it is made with the fruit flesh and not with the fruit skins. But it is good. Darn good!

Here is an instruction, with pictures, on how to make it, using the iStill 100 and the new Extractor Column. Same procedure holds for the iStill 500, iStill 2000, and iStill 5000 with their related – and bigger – Extractor Columns. Ingredients, preparation, GNS production, fruit handling, extraction and bottling, it’s all there …


What you need is:

  • Lots of sugar, water, and turbo yeast (to make the GNS – if you are not buying it in);
  • 25 kilo’s of peaches (to extract taste from).


Buy an iStill 100 with Extractor Column …


GNS Production

Use the Turbo Yeast, water, and sugar …


To whip up 240 liters of ferment …


After 3 to 4 days use the i100 to strip and then finish the ferment into 96% Hearts …


Fruit Handling

Buy 25 kilo’s of peaches …


Peel them, cut them in quarts, and remove the stone …


Toss the skins and stones …



Put the iStill Extractor Column in place …


Dilute 50 liters of GNS to 38% and add it to the boiler …


Put the peaches in bags …


And put the bags in the Extractor Column, all 25 kilo’s …


Run four extractor cycles and you now have 54 liters of 36% Peach Essence …



Add sugar, bottle, and end up with the world’s most amazing Peachcello Liqueur …