iStill Supports Your Recipe Development!


Craft distilling is about the distiller designing his own recipe, producing his spirits in-house, and selling the product successfully. Starting-up a craft distillery usually kicks-off with the distiller developing recipes.

At iStill we support recipe development in multiple ways. We provide courses. We do recipe development. And we have the iStill Mini as the industry’s leading recipe development still.

There is a particularly interesting way in which we support craft distillers in their efforts to create the best possible whiskies, rums, brandies, vodka’s, gins, and liqueurs. Let’s dive in deeper!

A Three Step Model to Recipe Development

  1. Purchase the iStill Mini and iStill University combo and educate yourself;
  2. Start recipe development, using the iStill Mini and what you’ve learned via the iStill University;
  3. Send your results to iStill for evaluation.

The iStill Mini can be purchased for EUR 5.000,- to EUR 6.500, depending on options. It comes with the online distillation and recipe development course, provided by the iStill University, included. The course teaches you how to develop recipes.

Now, as a second step, use your knowledge to put the iStill Mini to work and start creating your first recipes. As a student of the iStill University, you get access to the iStill University Network. This means you can reach out to hundreds of other distillers and exchange experiences and ideas.

If you feel your recipe is ready, or nearing completion, send it to iStill. Our expert recipe development team will assess your recipe and give you final feedback.

Your Benefits

  1. You get access to the best training on distilling and recipe development: the iStill University;
  2. You acquire the industry’s leading training and recipe development still: the iStill Mini;
  3. Both above points combined, allow you to do multiple runs per day and speed up your recipe development;
  4. You get access to the world’s biggest craft distillers network for help and support;
  5. iStill’s recipe development experts – with over 450 recipes designed – give you final feedback;
  6. Your amazing recipe can now scaled up to your production unit: you are in business!
  7. For a total cost (including iMini and training) of well under 10k …

Grains, herbs, processes, procedures …

Interviewing Still Hollow Spirits’ Athey Lutz

Hi Athey, thanks for the interview. Can you tell us a bit more about your distillery, please?

Still Hollow Spirits is a small family run distillery located on a farm in the mountains of West Virginia, USA. We grow our own corn onsite using heirloom seed that has been saved in the area for generations. We focus on producing single barrel whiskeys with local ingredients and limestone spring water. We also raise beef cattle that are fed our spent mash. We currently operate with an iStill2000 with indirect heating elements. 

Why did you choose to purchase an iStill, Athey?

We were having trouble keeping up with whiskey production with our direct fired masher and still.  Corn mashing in particular on the direct fire masher, and then having to lauter the corn before distilling, where huge time sinks for us. (Trying to run a distillery and farm simultaneously is no easy task!) Something had to give and we were considering adding a steam jacket to our existing masher and putting an electronic control system our still. While researching options we came across the iStill system.

The ability of the iStill to mash and distill on the grain without installing and maintaining a steam boiler where instant attractions. We also like the flexibility of the still to produce different spirits and perform multiple functions (mashing, fermentation, distilling, fast aging, extractions). We were also attracted to the fact the still, power system and control system where all one cohesive unit covered by the same company and warranty. This seemed a smarter route rather than piecing a system together from different manufacturers and having multiple contacts for trouble shooting.

How do you use the iStill?

We use our iStill 2000 with indirect heaters as a do it all workhorse for mashing, fermenting and distilling whiskey.  We run a continuous cycle where the still is never empty except for a brief cleaning. First we mash in our grain, step down cool to pitching temp, and add our yeast. After a temperature controlled fermentation in the iStill, we activate the agitator and go into column distillation mode.  In the column distillation we are able to go straight from mash to whiskey for barreling. The next day we siphon off some backset for the next mash, pump out the spent mash for the cows, clean the still, and start another mash. Our iStill setup is somewhat unique in that we run off an electric phase converter because 3 phase electric is not available in our rural area.

How is it to work with iStill as a company?

We have had a good experience working with iStill. Jason was my sales rep and helped with specs and questions through the product selection phase. We attended a training and met Odin and Jason and learned a great deal as well as seeing the iStill in action. The purchase process and shipping where straightforward and the unit arrived in the USA in great condition. We have had quick response to setup questions and troubleshooting requests.

Anything else you want to share, Athey?

Yes! We have an Extractor for sale. We originally purchased our iStill 2000 with a stand alone extractor unit for making flavored spirits and gin. We have found with our continuous cycle of whiskey making that we do not have enough still time to use the extractor and are offering it for sale. It is in new condition and would make a great addition to anyone’s existing iStill 2000 setup. Please contact me at or 304-227-4692 for more info.

Production & Dispatch Update!

Earlier this week, we shipped another truck-load of iStills to be crated in the Rotterdam harbor and then dispatched around the world! The iStill 5000, that features center-stage, in the picture underneath, will go to the New York based Tipping Cow Distillery:

We are also shipping the first batch of five 50 liter boilers; the latest option for the iStill Mini family. With the addition of the 50 liter boiler to your iStill Mini, you can perform bigger batches and do semi-production runs. The first batch is sold out. We are starting the production of a new batch before summer. If you want to order, please reach out to