New iStill Website!

Hi there!

We are all excited here … because we are launching our new website! The new iStill website is more interactive, features interesting stories by fellow distillers, and loads very, very quickly.

More changes? Yes, we also changed the design center completely. It now features foto realistic images and allows you to turn the units you selected around. 3D and all …

Also, the website is now fully compatible with pretty much all smart phones. And it automatically scales to your screen size.

Pictures? You want to see pictures? No way! Just go and visit the new website. Just click on this link and let us know what you think about it:


Another iStill Certified Workshop!


We are currently doing the last day of yet another iStill Certified 4-day Workshop! With customers from all over the world. Croatia, India, the Netherlands, Portugal, Rumania, the UK and more.

The iStill Workshops are rated by the trainees with a 9.7 out of 10, and considered the best education in the craft distilling industry. Do you want to learn more about what we taught? Please read on!

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Odin’s theory of distillaton
  • What still for what drink
  • Making single malt whisky with the iStill 2000

Day 2

  • Odin’s theory of fermentation
  • Starting a new whisky ferment in the iStill 2000
  • How to make vodka and gin
  • Vodka run in the laboratory
  • Trainees design and distill their own gin

Day 3

  • How to set-up a distillery
  • Extractor theory
  • Extraction runs on cinnamon and strawberry
  • Aging, fast aging, and barrel aging
  • Procedures to help you make award winning spirits

Day 4

  • Assembly of the iStill
  • Dialing in your iStill
  • Spirits and food pairing: how to present your spirits


If you want to learn all about distilling above top shelf product, our courses will help you out. Do you want to learn more? Please reach out to for courses in Europe. And to or for our next workshop in North America.

Class room and dinner …

Hands-on gin distilling …

Vic’s Wedding in Thailand!

We are currently in Thailand for the wedding of our iStill Wizard to South East Asia and Australia. Vic will marry his Tanita tomorrow. Very exciting! Here are some first pictures of our visit so far. Bangkok, temples, and lovely people!

Veronika in front of the Royal Palace in Bangkok …


Bangkok has lots of canals …


The main river serves as a water transport system …


Tanita and Vic …


Veronika and some Thai actor …


Odin and the new South East Asia iStill Sales Team …


Bill Owens Visits iStill!

Bill Owens, Founder & President of the American Distilling Institute (ADI) visited iStill. Together with Daniel (London Distilling Expo) and Christy (Bill’s PA).

Bill, Daniel, Christy and the iStill Team had great fun. Here’s an impression of what we did. With some pictures!

First thing we did was pick Bill and Christy up at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. We drove directly to Dutch Windmill “De Arkduif” in Bodegraven. Daniel and his wife and kid joined us at the windmill.

Here, Bill got trained as a miller. After he successfully finished his training, we had dinner at Brouwerij De Molen, one of the world’s best craft breweries (see A few beers and a great meal later, we brought the whole pack to their hotels in the city of Woerden.

The next day we visited the new iStill University, where Bill and Daniel inspected our units and educational center. Of course we tasted a few of the drinks our customers make with our equipment!

After a hearty Dutch lunch, we migrated to the city of Veghel, where we visited the Noordkade Project. An old grain mill with silo’s that is currently being transformed in a regional craft food center, with a brewery, distillery, hotel, coffee, chocolaterie and so much more. Stefan, project manager, and Erwin, craft distiller, were our tour guides.

In the evening we said goodbye to Daniel & Family. They went on to visit Paris. Bill, Christy, me and my wife went to Amsterdam for dinner, drinks, and a visit to an arts exhibition.

We had great fun together! Bill, Daniel, Christy, thanks for coming over and for joining the iStill Family for a few days. It was both enjoyable and inspirational. Hope we can do it again soon!

Dutch Windmill “De Arkduif” …


The view from the mill was spectacular …


The miller telling Odin and Bill how to manage the windmill …


The miller explaining Bill how to put the sails of the mill into the wind …


Master miller Van Langelaar explains the inner workings of Dutch windmills …


Bill and Odin and Christy at the iStill Assembly Halls …


Bill, Daniel, and Christy checking out the iStill 2000 in the iStill University …



Designing Orangecello!

Yesterday and today, Roger Morenc, owner of the Marlin & Barrel Distillery out of Amelia Island, visited us. We used the our laboratory to make orangecello. Here is an impression in pictures!

Roger and our chemist Willem talking to each other …


Extracting orange zest …


Willem adding simple sugar to the extract …


Tasting is testing …


Orangecello here we go …


Utah Certified Distilling Workshop

Two weeks ago we had an amazing Certified Distilling Workshop in Eden, Utah. With 13 participants, and presentations by Anton Paar on measuring, Scott on distillery architecture, Odin on distilling and fermenting, Chris and Ashley on setting up a distillery, Choco on marketing, and Jason on cocktails, the workshop was a great success. Here is an impression in pictures!

Also … we plan a new USA workshop on January 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of 2018. In Eden, Utah, pretty close to Salt Lake City. Interested? You should be! There are still a few places left, so if you want to register (or just learn more) … please reach out to

Odin on fermenting and distilling …


Bruce on mashing and beer making …


Assemble your still …


Choco on marketing …


Mixologist Jason presents one of his cocktails …


iStill Spirits Recipe Design!


Over the years, the iStill Team has helped hundreds of craft distillers by providing them with amazing stills, and industry leading trainings and workshops. But we have done more. We have for instance helped create over 200 recipes. How we help the craft distilling industry by designing recipes, is what this iStill Blog post is all about.

Rooted in theory

The customers goals are the starting point. What product does he or she want to make? Should it be bold in style or more pure? One, two, or three dimensional? Fruity or rootlike or nutty in character? Front of mouth oriented? Back of mouth, maybe? And – very important! – should the drink barrel age prior to bottling? Color, alcohol percentage, time to market, time in the barrel … the list of questions to get started is long.

Odin’s Theory of Distillation is always the starting point. The theory explains, in a very straight forward manner, how a recipe should be designed in order to reap the right tastes, intensity, and complexity. It provides a theoretical toolkit the iStill Team uses to design your drink.

Aided by the right tools … and procedures

Of course the iStills are designed according to Odin’s Theory of Distillation as well. They are the perfect tools to help you harvest your drink’s taste profile with ease and repeatability. The control over vapor speeds and cuts and power settings and temperatures is unmatched by any other tool out there.

But that’s not how we start. Recipe development at the iStill Laboratory starts in small glass fractionating stills, small glass extractors, and small stainless steel potstills. The goal is to make the first concept on a very small scale in order to come to a speedy assessment if we are on the right track. Speedy and at relatively low costs in terms of alcohol, energy, ingredients, and time consumption.

Does the first concept turn out as expected? In that case we’ll dial things up a notch. Next thing we do is do a run in an iStill. We may tweak the recipe a bit still, but most of this second concept is about dialing in the right run procedure. How fast? What cut points for heads, hearts, and tails?

If we (and more importantly: you) are satisfied with the results, we go the next step: production procedure. How to mash and to ferment? How to use backset and/or dunder (if any)? On the grains, pulp, herbs, or not? Aging? These are examples of the questions we want to help answer for you.

Recipes are about ingredients, distillation run procedures, and production procedures. And how they help reach your initial goals. That last step is immensely important. It ties everything together and in general can mean the difference between an okay drink, and an award winning, above top shelf product.

Step by step

Step by step, the iStill spirits recipe design process looks like this:

  1. Goal formulation (what drink do you want to make and how should it taste?);
  2. First concept (where we design a recipe based on ingredients);
  3. Second concept (where we design the distillation run procedure);
  4. Third concept (where we design the most effective production process);
  5. Finalized recipe design (confrontation of third concept with original goals).

We help design a multitude of drinks

For instance:

  • Brandy (fruit brandies, brandy, cognac styles);
  • Gin and genever (Dutch gin);
  • Rum (light, middle, heavy, panella or molasse based);
  • Vodka (rye, wheat, potato);
  • Whisk(e)y (Irish, Bourbon, Single Malt);
  • Extractions (fruits, herbs, nuts).


We have never boasted about the recipes we develop. But given how important a good recipe is, and how important is is for craft distillers to win medals, maybe we should? Or at the very least we should get the message out there, so here it is:

“iStill helps of craft distillers by designing award winning spirits recipes!”

And with this service now out in the open comes responsibility. The responsibility to further professionalize this service. To do that we are not just building up a full scale laboratory, no, we are commissioning a full scale distillery to go with it. We hope you will take advantage of it, now and in the future. Of our knowledge and of our laboratory and distillery. A complete and professional set-up, where we can help you design new spirits and batch produce them as well.


Recipe development (goals, first concept, second concept, finalized product with recipe, run procedures and production procedures) costs EUR 3.600,-. That’s EUR 3.600,- for one recipe, be it gin, brandy, rum, whisk(e)y or something else.

Renting the distillery to make your product on a professional scale costs EUR 1.000,- per day. That is, when you successfully followed the iStill Certified Distilling Workshop. If not, one of our team members will do supervision, which adds EUR 800,- to the daily bill.

Distilling a first concept gin …