New iStill Assembly Hall!

Due to the growing worldwide demand for iStills, we are expanding. As of today, we added another assembly hall to our facilities. It offers 300 m2 of floor space and is 9 meters high. That’s over 3,200 feet square and 27 feet high. The hall will be refurbished a bit in the coming week and a half (water, heating, electricity), and will then serve to help build more iStills. Here are a few pictures:

iStill Congratulates Eaglesburn Distillery!

Congrats to Bart Joosten for winning the prestigious Master of Vodka title at the Spirits Business Vodka Masters! We are proud that Eaglesburn Distillery uses iStills for their spirits manufacturing process. And we are proud to have Bart Joosten joining our team as the Amsterdam iStill Center Master Distiller, helping customers out from all over the world with iStill Contract Distilling!


iStill Whiskey Workshop in Utah!

Our team is currently training another group of 12 new (well, mostly) distillers in the noble art of making top shelf whiskey! Here are some pictures.

Whiskey tasting: looking for heads, hearts, and tails …


The class helps start up a new batch of Bourbon whiskey …


Whiskey blending: what flavor profiles to emphasize …


iStill Representation in India!

Yesterday, in the presence of her excellence vice prime minister Carola Schouten, while officially attending the Dutch governmental trade mission to India, iStill signed a contract to help introduce us on the Indian market place. iStill aims to become a leading player in India, helping the country forward on the fields of both improved farmer income and higher yield crop recovery.

As a first step we, together with our Indian partners, open a distilling university in Goa. The first courses are planned to start in November 2018. The new Indian iStill University aims to work together with Women on Wings. This charitable organization aims to create 1 million jobs for women in rural India. We aim to help them out (and if you want to chip in, please do – see link underneath) by helping some of them become female distillers.

Signing the contract …


iStill in India!

This week I visit India. As a member of the Dutch trade mission, I am afraid it is mostly work and no play. Seminars, networking, setting up out Indian iStill representation. That’s basically it. But from what I have seen, yes, this is a place to come back to! Definitely. With more free time to dive into India proper. Not the glamorous hotels and embassies I currently visit, but the raw, explicit, vibrant, unique, colorful, delightful, intriguing and overcrowded parts that make up for “normal life” for 99% of the Indian population …

The Dutch trade mission to India …

Peeking out of the window …

Odin 2.0!

Last 3 months I have gone on a road trip in search of better health. Concise and short? I succeeded in losing 15 kilo’s of fat, while gaining 5 kilo’s of muscle.

In better shape than ever, and with enormous amounts of energy, I can inform you that we are releasing a few amazing new innovations for the craft distilling industry very soon:

  • iStill Mini: a full laboratory set-up on a small scale;
  • iStill Ragnarok: a continuous still with benefits;
  • iStill Frigg: a vacuum still;
  • Panoramix: a concoction that will help you recover GNS from feints.

Odin 2.0 …