Learn how to distill and design your own spirits!

From March 25th till March 28th, we organize another Advanced Distillation Workshop. Where? At 52Eighty Distilling in Denver, Colorado. Theory of mashing, fermentation, and distillation and maturation will be combined with hands-on time behind the iStills. And we only have three more tickets available. So if you want to register, please reach out to Veronika@iStillmail.com …


iStill Leasing Now Available in the EU!

When you buy iStill equipment, you already had the option to lease. At least in North America and in the UK. We now extend leasing to the EU. So if you are a craft distiller from a EU country, looking to lease your iStill Distillery, just send us an email and we’ll help you out.

Here are two examples of lease tariffs:

  • A base model, 25k iStill 500 would cost around EUR 532,- per month during 5 years;
  • A base model 40k iStill 2000 would cost around EUR 851,- per month during 5 years.



Reinvent Single Barrel Whisk(e)y with iStill!

What is single barrel whisk(e)y?

Single barrel whiskey (or single cask whiskey) is a premium class of whiskey in which each bottle comes from an individual aging barrel, instead of coming from blending together the contents of various barrels to provide uniformity of color and taste. Even whiskeys that are not blends may be combined from more than one batch, or even from differing years to achieve consistency. The whiskey from each barrel is bottled separately, with each bottle bearing the barrel number and in most cases the dates for the beginning and end of aging. Each barrel is believed to contribute unique characteristics to the finished whiskey.” Source: Wikipedia.

In short, single barrel whisk(e)y are bottles that come from one unique barrel, instead of from a blend of various casks. Single barrel whisk(e)y making is done in both North America and Scotland, and the producers aim to create an (ultra) premium whisk(e)y class.

Single barrel whisky …


Wanna make a unique style even more unique?

The iStill 2000 allows you to do your whole production process in one single batch. You can use the unit to mash, and help convert starches to fermentable sugars. You can then start the fermentation, in order to create alcohol and flavors. And when fermentation is done, just upload the relevant program and distill your wash into an amazing whisky.

The iStill 2000 can help you migrate from a single barrel approach to a single mashed, single fermented, and single distilled whisky. Unique and special and versatile, even before barrel aging begins! One exact mash … leads to one totally controlled ferment … leads to one specific distillation run … leads to one totally unique barrel!

 Yield: a unique barrel of single mashed, fermented, and distilled whisky per run …



Craft Spirits Design in the USA!

Last week we trained another group of eight distillers in how to design whiskey, vodka, and gin. During the class, the students learned about mashing, fermenting, distilling, and aging. They then applied the knowledge to start developing their own spirits.

Next 4-day iStill University Trainings will be in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from March 18th through 21st. And in Denver, CO, USA, from March 25th through 28th. For more info or registration, please reach out to Veronika@iStillmail.com

Here is an impression in pictures of the Madison merry bunch …


Learn how to design craft distilled spirits!

Do you want to learn how to design your whiskey, vodka, gin, or liqueur? Are you a craft distiller that wants to take product quality to the next level? Please know we are organizing a class at Madison, Wisconsin. It starts coming Thursday and ends on Sunday. For more information and/or registration, please reach out to Veronika@iStillmail.com



How to mash 1000 pounds of grain in the iStill 2000!

Hi Odin,

Received and installed the indirect heaters, thanks. They’re a huge improvement. I know you’ve started selling the iStill Masher, but we’ve had pretty good success with our iStill 2000 and our “iHopper”. I’ve attached a video.  

With this system, we have a hopper, a pneumatic vibrator on the frame for grain flow and a small grist hydrator at the bottom of the hopper as the grain goes in.  We can get 1,000 pounds of grain in our 2000 with this system in under 30 minutes with little to no clumping.  (We put the mirror on the ceiling to monitor the grain as it goes in).  Just thought I would pass this along for anyone struggling with getting 1000+ pounds into their iStill.

Markus Kypreos, Blackland Distillery, Fort Worth, TX


Contract Distilling at the iStill Center!

Today, we bottled 4,000 bottles. Where? At the Amsterdam iStill Center. We make stills, we educate the craft distilling industry, we help design spirits, and we are available for contract distilling. Here are a few pictures about us bottling …


PS: We also shipped three more iStills to the USA today. One iStill 500 and two iStills 2000.

Hongkong Gin wins Double Gold at CWSA!

Perfume Trees Gin wins the double gold medal at the China Wine & Spirits Awards! Joseph and Kit, founders and owners wrote to us:

We have got a good news here that we have just been awarded with a double gold medal in China Wine and Spirit Award. We wish to express our gratitude to iStill for the hard work we spent together to make this happen.

On behalf of the iStill Team I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate Joseph and Kit. We are proud at that success Perfume Trees Gin established in such a short period of time. We feel privileged to be your contract distilling partner.