About iStill – Distilling made easy

Why we do the things we do?

The global market for alcoholic beverages is dominated by boring drinks, produced by Big Alcohol. Craft distilled spirits – developed, produced, and sold locally instead of globally – are way more interesting, but are traditionally costly to make, and often lack consistency.

We believe that challenging the current status quo is the only way forward. We believe that empowering craft distillers will result in a more interesting and sustainable drinks culture.

How we do that?

By thinking outside of the box and doing things differently, iStill designs beautiful and revolutionary high-tech distillation equipment. Our constant technology-push makes it easier for craft distillers to produce top-quality spirits, both efficiently and consistently.

What we do?

We simply build the best distillation equipment in the world.

Where we are situated?

iStills are designed and produced in the Netherlands, Europe’s most competitive and innovative economy (source: WEF).

How we support our customers?

We train our customers, both online and at iStill HQ, to become master distillers. iStill shares knowledge and experience widely and freely, and actively supports various craft distillers networks. The iStill Distilling University is the industry’s leading educational facility. The iStill Blog is the word’s biggest library of distillation knowledge.

When iStill started?

In april 2013, so only around 7 1/2 years ago.

How big is iStill?

Since 2013 we delivered over 750 stills and distilleries to customers all over the world. With a global market share of around 20%, we build well over 200 stills per year. We are proud to be the world’s leading still and distillery manufacturer.

What will the future bring?

A distilling industry that frees itself from the tyranny of tradition, and – instead – bustles with vibrant and creative energy. Because that’s what it takes for craft distillers to be able to give “Big Alcohol” a run for their money.

Regards & speak to you soon!

Drs. Odin van Eijk, MScBA, etc.

Founder and CEO of iStill.