New Project: iStill 10k!

As our craft distilling customers grow, and as we also penetrate the market one size up, we are starting the initial design process for bigger iStill equipment. Our first project? To add an iStill 10k to our portfolio. A Masher and Fermenter 10k will follow shortly.

The design goals of the iStill 10k? Well, 10,000 liters of net boiler charge, of course. And all the amazing technologies the other iStills offer:

  • Produces any spirit;
  • Can mash, ferment, and distill – so is basically a full-swing distillery in one machine;
  • Supports 2.0, 1.5 and 1.0 distillation techniques;
  • Can be fitted with pot, plated, and hybrid column.

The Masher and Fermenter 10k will be higher versions of their 5k variants. The iStill 10k shifts its design from a square to a rectangular boiler shape, complimented with a Y-design riser under the column. Added ladders to the left and right will grant easier access to the column, for easy assembly.

Price indication for the iStill 10k? About 200k.

First sketches of the iStill 10k …

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