The World’s Best Pure & Neutral Vodka!



My name is Chase and I am emailing you on behalf of Backroads Spirits and Alibi Vodka based in Saskatchewan, Canada. We have proudly been using your iStill since day one of our operations 2 years ago and have been loving every minute of it. We are slowly and surely expanding our distillery business and with that our production capacity (hello iStill number 2?). We recently received a tremendous award for our vodka (World’s Best Pure Neutral Vodka!) and would like to share it with you as we are proud iStill users! Could you share this in your weekly newsletter? Below you can find our press release and photos for use. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me with the contact information below. 

Canadian-Made Alibi Vodka Wins World’s Best Pure Neutral Vodka at 2023 World Vodka Awards

Canadian-made Alibi Vodka from micro-distillery Backroads Spirits Co. in Wakaw, Saskatchewan has done the unimaginable by winning the World’s Best Pure Neutral Vodka at the 2023 World Vodka Awards based in the United Kingdom. Having started a little under two years ago, this award came as a surprise to this family-owned and operated micro-distillery.

The World Vodka Awards are the global awards responsible for selecting the best vodkas from around the world. The awarding process takes place with a panel of esteemed international judges, ranging from industry experts, leading journalists, specialist drinks retailers, and other distillers, conducting a blind taste test in a series of rounds. Firstly, gold medals and the best vodka are selected from each country before all the winners from around the world then being tasted against one another to select the World’s Best Vodka. The Canadian-made Alibi Vodka was awarded World’s Best Pure Neutral Vodka and Canada’s Best Pure Neutral Vodka competing against vodkas and distilleries from almost 25 countries around the world. The judges from the competition described Alibi Vodka as, “Clean and smooth with a bit of citrus and other fruity notes. Bright and fresh, staying cool on the palate.” 

The award …

Captured at on April13, 2023 by JAE KIM PHOTOGRAPHY

The Alibi Vodka Team …

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