Ethanolize Heads & Tails with iStill!


Heads and tails cuts are usually considered losses in any distillery. Minimizing those losses translates into a higher yield, more turnover, and an increased profit. So what if I told you we offer two ways to process your heads and tails back into perfectly usable ethanol? What if we told you that iStill supports two ways for you to turn your heads and tails back to perfect GNS?

First method: 90% recovery of heads & tails

Heads and tails primarily consist of ethanol, contaminated with low boiling point alcohols (heads) or high boiling point alcohols (tails) and their associated flavors. As the actual contamination level, in terms of parts per million, is very low, we can conclude that most of the alcohol in the heads and tails factions is actually good ethanol.

The craft distiller can use the iStill Hybrids in pure mode to push the heads and tails contaminations to the very beginning and end of the run. This way about 90% of the ethanol, in what would otherwise be you heads and tails losses, can be recovered as pure and neutral 96%+ GNS. GNS you can use for gins, vodka’s, bitters, and more …

Second method: 100% recovery of heads & tails

As heads and tails primarily consist of ethanol, we found a way to break down the lower and higher boiling point alcohols as well as the associated esters (taste molecules). Any craft distiller that operates an iStill Hybrid can now add an agent to the boiler, in order to recover 100% of what would otherwise be heads and tails losses.

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iStill helps create the cleanest 96%+ GNS from your heads & tails …