Future-Proof your Business with iStill: Retrofit Ability!

What is future-proofing?

“Future-proofing” is a business practice that encourages sustainable models and strategic plans to guarantee a company’s longevity. It is essential to know how to adapt, optimize, and plan for future events. And as many future events are unknowns, a flexible repertoire of actions is needed to respond to opportunities and threats as they arise. Examples? See underneath:

When costs go up, are you able to lower them and save money, as a counter-measure? If your best-selling spirit stops selling, can you switch to another product quickly and without major investments? What happens when your master distiller quits? Are you able to keep producing your recipes or are you in dire straits? Does your distillery need regular maintenance and how do you work around the associated down-time? What about warranty and spare part delivery, if one of your production tools breaks down?

How iStill helps

iStill aims to make distilling easier. Future-proofing your distillery is at the essence of what our technology brings to the market. In this iStill Blog post, the first one in a series, I’d like to dive into how we do that and how it benefits the craft distilling industry.

Today’s topic? Retrofit ability. “Retrofitting” describes the design and manufacturing process whereby new options can be added to existing or older equipment. Retrofit ability extends the versatility of any machine, and therefore has a huge and positive impact on future-proofing your distillery. Equipment that cannot be upgraded or updated with new options becomes obsolete quickly. Equipment that can be retrofitted is adaptable and helps you manage future threats and opportunities.

The industry’s take on retrofit ability

The traditional manufacturers of distillation equipment do not support retrofit ability. If you order a still, they like you to order it full-options. Under the veil of improved versatility, this practice allows them to maximize turnover and profit. Newly designed options don’t fit on existing machines, so if you want the latest tech (in as far as traditional manufacturers deliver anything new), you need to buy a completely new system. Again, a strategy based on their self-interest of turnover and profit maximization at the costs of your bank account.

iStill’s take on retrofit ability

iStill believes retrofit ability is essential for future-proofing your distillery. All of our options, therefore, can be retrofitted. This way we save you money that you can spend on other priorities. And when your priorities shift, in the future, any option we offer can be retrofitted to your existing iStill. Not only does this strategy prevents us from focussing on turnover and profit maximization, it also allows you to update the specs of your distillery as the future lays out its challenges and opportunities.

On a deeper level, our retrofit ability strategy signals that we are here to help you, by providing tools that are future-proof, that serve you only when you need them, and that cost you money only after you made some in the first place. It places you and your needs center stage, which is a sound and healthy basis for a future customer-supplier relationship, instead of the second hand car sales mentality so many of our “competitors” display.

Do you want to add an agitator system later? No problem with our retrofit ability strategy …


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