The Future of Craft!

The Craft Distilling Seminar is a new initiative that aims to empower the craft distilling industry in creating a better, brighter, and more sustainable future for itself. A seminar for craft distillers, and a seminar by craft distillers, the CDS offers opportunities to learn and network. At CDS 2023 you will see the launch of a global distribution network for craft distilled products, peer spirit reviewing (and amazing free take-aways!), and a host of presenters (not consultants!) to help you further grow your craft as well as your business.

Topics? How craft distilling and Big Alcohol can cooperate in order to achieve common success. The production of whisky. Successful out-of-continent distribution of craft distilled spirits. An easy to implement quality management procedure to continuously upgrade your production towards better quality spirits. How sustainability offers distillers both great marketing upsides as well as vast cost reductions and an improved overall profitability. And more, much more!

The seminar is English-spoken and aims to help professionalize craft distillers by providing best practices and interactive discussions on topics like distribution, spirit quality management, sustainability, and more. CDS23 also offers great opportunities for meeting up and establishing partnerships with other distillers.

CDS 2023 takes place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 November. One ticket, two days, two lunches, a dinner on the first day and two network meetings – with drinks, if you bring them! – are all included. For just EUR 250,-.

The seminar is limited to 100 participants, so book your tickets online as soon as possible, if you want to be part of the future of craft. Use the link underneath.

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