Steam-Powered iStills!

What’s new?

We are adding steam power to the iStill suite! Distillers and – especially – brewers, that already have a steam generator, can now use it to power their iStills.

Anything revolutionary?

Yeah, a few things. Traditionally, steam generators are used with indirectly heated, double boiler, “Au bain, Marie!”-stills. We don’t like indirect heating, because it prevents the Maillard Reaction from taking place. And as a craft distiller, competing on flavor and quality, you want access to that 25% flavor booster.

The iStill Steam Heating System therefore uses our innovative direct heater design for more control over vapor speeds, faster response times, faster heat-up, improved energy efficiency, and the potential to manage the Maillard Reaction via the (optional) agitator system.

Furthermore, the relatively low steam temperature also helps at preventing potential scorching. In other words: our innovative heat-exchanger design offers direct heating performance with indirect heating wash protection performance.

Finally, we integrated the steam supply – and therefore power supply – into the iStill PLC. What that means? That you have total control over power settings and vapor speeds and the associated flavor composition of the spirits you are producing. Automated? You bet. Over the air updates? Yes, that as well. All the advantages any iStill distillery offers, are now available for existing steam powered breweries and distilleries. Without them having to re-invest in more electrical power.

Pricing & Ordering?

This is a no-cost option. You can choose the standard direct heaters or the steam heating option, without additional charges. Orders can be placed as of right now. More information via

Last month’s beta test set-up …

Last month’s beta test video …

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