Old Pilot’s Vodka Wins Big at IDS!

Thank you IDS for this fantastic review. Congrats to the Old Pilot’s Team for winning another major award:

“Fresh and deep aromas gently greet the nose. It has a suggestion of an elegant smooth and silky palate to come, with some citrus, vanilla pods and distant nutmeg, black pepper, freshly baked bread and spring flowers. There’s a definite whipped cream scent and touch of fine coconut.

Extremely smooth and round on the palate with no heat at all. It stays cool and refreshing with a lovely touch of richness balanced by some soft citrus notes. Complex and well composed, round and elegant. Definitely great to sip on its own or to be enjoyed on-the-rocks or as a dry vodka martini but it is so nicely balanced between aromas and flavours that it can work in many classic long drinks and a great range of cocktails too.

The finish is long and there’s a touch of vanilla and coconut mingling with the lovely citrus notes. An excellent example of a beautifully crafted wheat vodka with a mouth coating soft texture.”


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