Turn your Visitors into Brand Ambassadors with the iStill Nano!

What is it?

The iStill Nano is a little potstill with a one liter gross capacity. We designed it to give our customers the tools to run their consumer oriented gin, rum, whisky and brandy schools professionally. Not with just any tools, but with iStill tools.

The unit is very easy to operate, and allows your visitors to make their own gin or rum, whisky or brandy at your distillery, swiftly, effectively, and safely. Put in 0.75 liters of wine or beer or vodka. Add herbs to your liking. Within the hour, the iStill Nano will help make a bottle of freshly distilled, personalized spirits.

Build to last a lifetime and more …



The iStill Nano is made out of high-grade stainless steel and is constructed to last! The boiler and column and cooler are made from 2 mm thick sheets, while the bottom is a whopping 4 millimeters.

The unit comes with an easy to bolt on, tri-clamp riser/lyne-arm/cooler with easy connects for cooling water in and out.

The iStill Nano comes with a dedicated 500 Watt hotplate and a power manager for 0 to 100% power regulation. In the smallest, incremental steps possible.

The iStill nameplate can be replaced by your nameplate or logo, at a small price increase.

Also included is the all-new Bluetooth thermometer probe. It measures your gas temperatures every second and relays the signal to the new iStill App.

The complete iStill Nano set-up …



Indeed. For your convenience we designed an App. What it does? Well, first of all, it tells you at what temperature you are distilling … and so much more!

  • You can upload recipes for gin, whisky, rum, and brandy;
  • You can perform your own run and save the recipe for later use;
  • The app informs you when to cut for Heads, Hearts, and Tails;
  • Temperatures and cut points are automatically adjusted for air pressure on a per second basis;
  • Ensuring your customers can make the same high-quality drup over and over again!

The iStill App …



Dozens of our customers use the iStills Nano at their distillery. Hundreds of units see daily use and help craft distillers make a visit to their distilleries an even more fun and intense experience!

Wanna buy?

We sell the iStill Nano in packages of six. Each package contains six iStills Nano, with the thermometer probes, hotplates, water lines, quick connects, and power managers included.

A package of six costs EUR 6,500.-. Crating and shipment, via airplane and all over the world, are included.

If you want to order, please reach out to Veronika@iStillmail.com.

The iStills Nano make for an amazing visitor experience …