IWSR Drinks Market Analysis for the USA!

Here are the 2022 highlights of the IWSR Drinks Market Analysis for the USA:

  • Tequila surpassed American Whiskey in value terms;
  • Tequila is expected to pass Vodka in value terms in 2023 and take overall top position;
  • Total spirits volume sales increased by 2%, with strong demand for premium-plus;
  • Premium-plus products rose by 13% in volume;
  • Wine and beer declined by 2%, cider dropped by 4%;
  • RTD’s gained only 1% overall, but premium and premium-plus RTD’s gained 38%;
  • 33% of Americans spent over USD 50 per bottle, up from 24% in 2021;
  • Six in ten online shoppers say they spend more on alcohol online than in-store;
  • 46% of Americans say they are likely to treat themselves to better quality drinks.

For more reading on the impact of the above premiumisation trends for craft distillers specifically, please see: