iStill Rawhide Pricing!

We are adding a new option to the iStills. You can now order your still with additional leather insulation to the boiler and column. It looks amazing and saves another 5% on energy expenditure! Here are the prices for the various units:

  • 10 liter iStill Mini: EUR 1,000.-
  • 50 liter iStill Mini: EUR 1,250.-
  • 100 liter iStill: EUR 1,500.-
  • 200 & 250 liter iStills: EUR 2,500.-
  • 500 liter iStill: EUR 3,500.-
  • 1000 liter iStill: EUR 4,500.-
  • 2000 liter iStill: EUR 6,000.-

The iStill 5000 will always be on special request and real cost calculation, as leather prices and sizes fluctuate.

iStill Mini with Rawhide Option …

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