Making Honey Whisky Liqueur, Honey!

Made us some whisky liqueur, last week. Not that difficult. Take a half decent whisky – or if it iStill made: take that amazing whisky – and add honey to it. Heather honey, preferably. Try 250 to 300 grams per liter.

If you make your own whisky, start with higher proof, because the goal would be to reach a liqueur with an alcoholic strength of 40 to 45%. I personally like it at the higher end, but it takes premium ingredients to get you there. When you start out with a very feisty whisky, the alcohol burn might overshadow the sweetness of the honey.

Additions? Well, some orange or even pear extract – made on the iStill Extractor of course – could make a nice addition. But let your creativity run and come up with some personal touches yourselves, please!

It is basically a mix, age, settle-and-rack-off kinda operation. You mix the honey into the whisky. You let it rest for about two months. You then rack-off the clear liquid that sits above a small layer off sediment that comes from the honey. Bottle and enjoy! I like mine served cold, even on the rocks …

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