Could the iStill Network Take You Global?

iStills are the most automated and robotized stills out there. They excel at creating and reproducing a recipe, any recipe, to perfection.

Distillers that use iStills have a higher degree of craft. They design, produce, and sell spirits that are made in-house. More than other groups of distillers. They also have lower costs, and – in general – a high business awareness of what it takes to become commercially successful.

iStillers are educated via the iStill University. They network via the iStill University Facebook group. There is a strong tendency for iStill customers to be supportive of other craft distillers, both iStillers and non-iStillers.

All of the above makes one wonder: “Why don’t you guys build this into a global network for distribution purposes? Why not use each other’s production capacity for a more global reach?”