Air Pressure Filter Concept!


Here’s a new idea, that we’d like to run by you. An air pressure filter concept, that helps separate liquids from solids. If you have feedback to share, if you feel we should or shouldn’t bring this to the market place, please don’t hesitate to email me personally via


We see three potential use-cases:

  1. Post-mashing and pre-fermenting liquid from grain separation;
  2. Post-distilling grain and botanicals compaction and alcohol yield maximization;
  3. Post-extraction botanical compaction and alcohol yield maximization.

The first use-case can be helpful when making vodka. Vodka aims to be neutral. Off the grain fermentation and distillation minimize esterification. So, by using the air pressure filter concept, the grains and liquids could be separated for a cleaner ferment and distillation, which will ensure a more neutral flavor character.

The second use-case high-lights waste-compaction and yield maximization. Via the air pressure filter concept, the post-distillation grain (whiskey) or botanical (gin) waste can be compacted to the max. This minimizes costs associated with waste management. Also, by drying out the now spent grains or botanicals, a maximum amount of alcoholic liquids is recovered.

The third use-case mirrors the second one. The air pressure filter concept can be used post-extraction, so that wasted fruits, berries, and herbs can be compacted, while alcohol yield is maximized.


We are looking to achieve the following goals with the air pressure filter concept:

  1. Empty and separate grains from an iStill 2000 mash in under 20 minutes;
  2. Compact the wasted grains, berries, etc. to 40% of their original volume;
  3. Realize a dry instead of wet waste;
  4. That helps improve alcohol yield by as much as 10% vs. wet filtration.

Inner workings

The air pressure filter concept would work like this:

  1. Feed the system with the grain/water or botanicals/alcohol mixture;
  2. Pressure the system and separate liquids while compacting the solids;
  3. Repeat until the compression chamber is full;
  4. Empty the compression chamber;
  5. Repeat.


Air pressure filter concept …

8 thoughts on “Air Pressure Filter Concept!

  1. You could capture the CO2 emitted during fermentation and use it for your air pressure after fermentation. A low energy system.

    • Hi Drew, I could be wrong, but I expect that the low pressure at which the CO2 releases is not enough to get the filtration going …

  2. Interesting concept and it would provide even compression across the grain bed. Not sure what kinds of pressure, but going above 1BAR would likely increase costs considerably due to certification requirements of a pressurized vessel. What about a mash filter? Use air bladders to compress the bed and flow hot water through.

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