Fractioning Heads, Hearts, and Tails!

Wanna learn all about heads, hearts, and tails? Want to understand how your cuts define the spirit you make? Do you want to be trained in the art of fractionating heads, hearts, and tails? Reach out to and register for one of the iStill University Courses!

It is considered the most daunting thing, while learning how to become a distiller: how to cut your heads, hearts, and tails fractions correctly. Is it important to receive training? Yes, it is, because cuts are directly related to the flavor composition of your drinks.

Smear more heads into hearts and you will get more fruity flavors over. Good for a floral gin or apple brandy. Smear more tails into your hearts faction, and you’ll create a drink with a longer finish, that’s able to cope with prolonged barrel-aging. And there’s more, much more to it.

It would hardly be an over simplification to state that learning how to cut for heads, hearts, and tails, is the essence of becoming a good distiller. And we, at the iStill University, have developed the theory and education to help you – in an objective manner – learn how to make perfect cuts on all of your recipes.

Theory …

Practice …

Creates chemistry …

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