iStill Robot Testing!

Did you know that we test each and every robot that we build? To the max, actually. We take quality assurance very, very serious. First, we manufacture the needed parts. Then we assemble the robot. Finally, we test the robot. As we test it, the robot goes through each and every opening vs. reflux setting.

Since there are 2,500 steps from totally closed to fully open, you might think that it is tested for 2,500 steps. You’d be wrong if you thought that. We perform this testcycle for up to 400 times. That’s 1 million test settings!

After the test is completed, we disassemble the unit and inspect it thoroughly. We then reassemble it, give it a final, shorter testrun of about 100,000 steps. Then, and only then, is the robot tested and certified to be used in one of the iStills.

Robot Test Workstation …

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