iStill 5000 Hybrid with SS and Copper Column!

Here are pictures of the iStill 5000. Our biggest and most versatile still/distillery. With stainless steel or copper column. With integrated heating and cooling. Turn-key solution. Plug & Play? You bet!

This unit can make ANY spirit. It can mash, ferment, and distill. It is the tool that brings craft distilling into the 21st Century. Some say the 22nd Century. It slashes both energy expenditure as well as stffing required by 75%. Yield? Two-and-a-half to three barrels of 60-65% whisk(e)y in one run.

Fully equipped, so capable to function as a complete, single-vessel distillery, the all stainless steel iStill 5000 Hybrid costs EUR 143.000,-. The same unit, but now with copper column costs EUR 163.000,-. Lead time? Less than half a year.

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