Building Two Copper Plated iStills 200!

We have began the construction of the first batch of two copper plated iStills 200. Copper boiler, copper and glass column, liquid management instead of the outdated cooling management industry standard for more control over flavor profiles. And yes, the units can be ordered with our amazing robotization and automation. Or as the more affordable, semi-automated variety. The first unit is already sold.

If you want to become the owner of the second unit, please reach out. Units are expected to be ready for transport in just 8 weeks from now! It comes with out proprietary PowerPlate technology (up to 4x the performance), iStill’s Anti-Entrainment Zone (to hold tails at bay), and the iStill Copper Particle Filter. The costs of this amazing machine? EUR 37.500,- for the semi-automated version and EUR 50.000,- for the fully robotized and automated unit. Indirect heating and our Jet Propulsion Agitator System are EUR 2.000,- and EUR 3.500,- options.

Semi-automated …

And fully automated and robotized …

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