Testing the new iStill Mini: set-up and numbers!

We have dedicated a new floor in one of our assembly halls to the iStill Mini. It is where we build the power managers, where we insulate the units, where we add the heaters, and where we do final testing. Sjors, Mitchell, and William have build a test-site, where we can run three iStills Mini simultaneously.

Here are a few pics of it. Testing three iStills Mini in one go? Yes! We are almost ready to start shipping the first units of the latest batch! We have finished the first nine, with 21 more seeing their final accid baths as we speak. Nine to be shipped out by the end of this week. Exciting, isn’t it?

And there is a bonus! Towards the end of this iStill Blog post, we’ll share the outcome of the actual data analysis of the iStill Mini in potstill mode. ABV, output, timelines, and more!

Mitch and William discussing the test set-up …

Setting-up the first three units for testing …

See how it’s quite the beast, even at “just” 10 liter boiler capacity …

Power managers on … let the testing begin!

Willem’s data analysis of the iStill Mini in potstill mode with packing: 10L@30% stripping run:

  • Heat-up time around 8 minutes;
  • Even at 100% power, the packing does an amazing job at heads compaction (see the first blue dot to the left!);
  • Total run time < 50 minutes.

Willem’s data analysis of the iStill Mini in potstill mode with packing: 10L@30% finishing run:

  • Heat-up time 32 minutes;
  • Extremely good compaction of heads cut;
  • Tails cut probably at 19% after 110 minutes.

Data comparison stripping run vs. finishing run:

  • Stripping run is fast and furious: it trades ABV for high production rates;
  • Finishing run trades in production rate for higher proof and better cuts separation;
  • Normally, a finishing run would heat-up at 100% power, decreasing total run time from 110 to 86 minutes.