Showcasing the new iStill Mini!

Here are new pictures of the new iStill Mini being assembled. Final testing will take place tomorrow. A week from now, with final testing complete, this unit will ship to the beautiful island of Cyprus for a first customer review!

The first batch of 30 is being produced as we speak. This amazing training and recipe development still can now be purchased for EUR 4.995,- in potstill-mode, including power manager and StillControl Probe & App. Adding the column packing to your order gives you full hybrid-functionality and adds EUR 500,- to the bill.

Order via:, please. The online iStill Distilling University, normally EUR 1.895,-, is now included for free!

10 liter fully insulated boiler, 2 x 2 kWh heating …

Fully insulated 2.5 inch hybrid column …

A beast in performance, a beauty in appearance …

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