iStill Universal Frame!

Let me introduce you to the all new iStill Universal Frame. What it is? Well, a frame or exoskeleton that aims to create a safe space for some new and amazing technologies we are about to release to the craft distilling industry.

Equipped with wheels and a pushrod, like on the pictures underneath, it will be the cart and exoskeleton to the all new iStill Pump. Without the wheels and pushrod, the universal frame will give a safe working environment to a new line of filters we’ll be introducing shortly. It is also designed to hold the new power manager that we are designing for our bigger manual stills.

One universal frame that, in the near future, will hold five or six new innovations! So keep following the iStill Blog and stay up to date on what more we are working on. iStill is here to empower the craft distilling industry, and there are some major power boosts underway!

iStill Universal Frame …

iStill Universal Frame with pushrod …

iStill Universal Frame with all-new iStill Pump …

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