Online Distilling University for Existing Students and Customers!

Confronted with Covid-19 and the ensuing unability to give our iStill Distilling University courses here at iStill HQ, we scrambled to bring the curriculum online. Thus the iStill Online Distilling University was created. And it has proven to be a great success.

So much so that we decided to incorporate the online course with the purchase of an iStill. Like this: anyone that buys an iStill gets the course for free. Well, it isn’t for free, because the online curriculum costs EUR 1.895,-, but it is included and the customer is discounted the purchase costs of the online course.

So … new students get the latest course and so do new customers. But how about existing customers and existing students, the ones that participated at the iStill University physically?

On the one hand, one might argue that, well, we delivered as agreed upon. The iStills that were purchased a year or two years ago were more affordable, so that’s a benefit that off-sets the free online course we now include. And the students that visited us, and attended the physical course, well, we delivered on that as well. And very much so, if we look at the feedback.

Still, especially in these weird times, that – for so many – are filled with uncertainty, and with our mission to advance and empower the craft distilling industry … shouldn’t we do more? The iStill Management Team has been struggling with this question for quite some time now. But we think we found a solution that does justice to our mission and to the huge investments we have done to get our course curriculum online.

Here it is: existing students and customers that want to purchase the iStill Online Distilling University can now do so for EUR 395,-. EUR 395,- instead of EUR 1.895,-.

How to order? Send an email to, telling them you want to order the course. Finance will send you a payment link in return. You use that link to pay and you’ll get access to the online curriculum the next day …

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