iStill Online Distilling University is Feature Complete!

We are proud to announce that the iStill Distilling University curriculum is now available online. All of it. We are feature complete!

When we started the iStill Distilling University, now some five years ago, our goal was to teach and train our students in the real science of distillation. By focussing on toolkits and recipe development in combination with hands-on distilling, the iStill Distilling University soon became the best educational facility in the craft distilling industry. Students rate the experience with a 9.8 out of 10!

Covid-19 has hampered our ability to give courses and trainings via live events with students participating physically. So, a few months ago we decided to see if we could put the content and many of the more practical exercises online. Today, we are proud to announce that all the basic information is now uploaded, for you to enjoy.

The base course consists of 23 (!) series of movies, teaching topics like gin making, vodka, still design, rum, whiskey, brandy, flavor profiling, Odin’s theories of fermentation and distillation, and much, much more. Every series is concluded with a multiple-choice exam. If you pass all exams, you are eligible for certification and iStill University Facebook group admittance. The certificate is proof of the student being a craft distiller. The Facebook group is a great place to meet other distillers and exchange information and experiences.

So, wow, yeah, we are ready, right? Job well done and off to the next project? No, not really. We want the iStill Distilling University Online to be about continuous education. The base curriculum is now online, but let’s keep adding info. The Livestream on how to make orange gin, for example, would make a great addition. And we have started interviewing craft distillers from around the globe on their passion, their business models, and more. We’ll start adding those as well.

As far as we are concerned, the iStill Distilling University Online will always be open, will always be there as a source for continued education. But what will we speak about? What topics would you like us to tackle? Please see the poll underneath and let us know what you prefer us to focus on: