Heidell Distillery from Finland!

Hi iStill fans,

We are Heidell Distillery Company, a young family company creating spirits in the Finnish Archipelago. Our distillery is located in Naantali which is known as “the sunniest city in Finland”. Timo, a navy officer and peacekeeping veteran but also our master distiller and CEO, had an ambitious idea for his upcoming retirement – he wanted to create his own gin. But how could he turn his dream into a goal? Timo’s answer would be that with courage and persistence but most importantly with the help of his family. So, the journey of our distillery began and now the team behind Heidell Distillery Company consists of Timo’s daughter, wife, sister, brother and son-in-law. Nothing beats family, as they say.

The goal of Heidell Distillery Company is to make modern, unique and environmentally friendly products honoring our family’s culture and lifestyle by the archipelago but yet using the latest technology and processes. Hence, we decided to get the iStill Hybrid 500. The reasons to choose this hyper-modern still with the 21st century technology were clear: innovation, reliability, recreatability, energy efficiency and competitive advantage.

Furthermore, doing business with the iStill team has been top-notch the whole way through and we look forward to continuing our cooperation in the future. They are not afraid to think outside the box and to do things differently which is something we also try to live by.

Our modern and unique gins, Heidell Gin and Heidell Navy Strength Gin, distilled with the iStill Hybrid 500 will be launched by the end of the year 2020.


All the best,

Timo and Erika

Heidell Distillery Company




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