Certification made easy – by iStill!


The world of certifying your distillery is a strange place indeed. It would go too far as to say “so many countries, so many flavors”, but at least every region seems to have its own specific rules and specifications. Certification, isn’t exactly a no-brainer. You want the inspectors to sign-off on your project, so that you can start producing some spirits and earn back some time, energy, and money. But what certification is needed in what region and how does iStill help out? In other words, how about we make certification easy?


The base certification for European stills and distilleries is CE. If the environment asks for explosion proof certification, the ATEX-rules apply.


UL is the base certification for the USA. If explosion proof certification is needed, IECEx-rules are applicable.


Canada has its own version of UL, called ULC. ULC is Canada’s base certification. In case of explosion proof certification, the IECEx-rules apply.


Australian Standard and New-Zealand Standard are the base norm in Australia and New-Zealand. This certification is most often referred to as AS/NZS. IECEx covers explosion proof certification.

Rest of the World

As a general rule (contrary to the very specific rules above), CE is the perfect base certification. IECEx covers explosion proof certification.

How iStill helps

iStill is one of the (very) few manufacturers of integrated distilling equipment, meaning that we provide the still together with the heat- or energy-source. As such, we have developed a tremendous amount of expertise in our teams. Simply put, we can build your iStill according to any specification:

  • CE
  • ATEX
  • UL
  • IECEx
  • ULC
  • AS/NZS

You decide what certification you want or need, you inform us on your wishes, and we build according to your specs.

Certification made easy …

Schermafbeelding 2020-07-22 om 14.25.37.png




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