iStill Hybrid Manual!


Over the last few months, iStill has been growing its product line-up to cater to the ever growing number of distillers that consider our effective and efficient and innovative designs. The iStill Hybrid Series is the “non plus ultra”, hyper-modern design, the Mr. Do-It-All. We now release the new, more affordable manual versions, that aim to appeal to distillers that want a state-of-the-art,  multi-role, hands-on unit. A still that can do gin, brandy, whiskey, rum just as easy as it can do vodka.

Features & Benefits

Liquid Management (LM)

The iStill Hybrid Series; unique packed, liquid management column allows you to make any product on one and the same machine.


The insulation lowers energy losses and supports a speedier distillation process. The insulation on the column prevents unwanted passive reflux, while stabilizing vapor speeds, supporting more control over the associated flavor profiles.

iStill Bluetooth Thermometer

The iStill Hybrid Manual comes equipped with the iStill Bluetooth Thermometer. This thermometer measures the temperature inside the riser and signals it via Bluetooth to the Still Control App. The battery life is an expected 5 years.

Still Control App (SCA)

The StillControl App is an app all iStill Hybrid Manual owners can download for free. SCA allows the distiller to fill in his cut points for heads, hearts, tails, and end of run. The app helps monitor the run and informs the operator when he needs to cut, by tracking the temperature values provided by the iStill Bluetooth thermometer. This makes it easier for the distiller to perform other tasks around his or her distillery, and is assures both quality cuts and spirit reproducibility.

Copper Foam Technology (CFT)

In case imperfect fermentations result in higher than wished for sulfur counts, copper – as a catalyst – can clean up the contamination. But a copper column or riser would add two hours to your daily cleaning protocols and copper facilitates the formation of ethyl carbamate (a carcinogenic). That’s why we developed CFT. All iStills come equipped with a CFT waffle that can be inserted low in the riser and that takes care of any sulfur contamination without any of the downsides of a completely copper column or riser.


The iStill Manual Series uses the base iStill boiler. This means that the owner can always upgrade his manual still to an automated & robotized version.

Sizes & Prices

The iStill Hybrid Manual comes in 100 and 200 liter configuration.


  • iStill 100 Hybrid Manual: EUR 15.000,-;
  • iStill 200 Hybrid Manual: EUR 20.000,-.


  • ABV output range: 30% to 95%;
  • Run times (on an 8% boiler charge): 4 to 5 hours;
  • Production rate iStill 100 Hybrid Manual: up to 15 lph (depending on product);
  • Production rate iStill 200 Hybrid Manual: 30 lph (depending on product).


The Manual Hybrid Series by iStill can be ordered from today onwards. Lead time is around three months. If you want to order one, or learn more, please reach out to

Time to trade up to an iStill Hybrid Manual …

Untitled Project 39-1

The StillControl App is included …


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