New iStill Movies!


We just uploaded new movies to the iStill Distilling University. The topics? The first movie is about round vs. square boiler design. The second one deals with direct vs. indirect heating. The (for now) last one shows the unpacking and assembly of the iStill Mini.

What’s next

In the next two weeks, the iStill Distilling University will see new series of movies released. The topics to come? Here we go:

  • Stripping run;
  • Finishing run;
  • Making brandy;
  • Using the StillControl app;
  • Making cuts for heads, hearts, and tails.

Package deal

The iStill Mini and the iStill Distilling University are now sold as a package deal. For EUR 5.000,- you can purchase them together.

If you want to check out the new movies, or register for the iStill Distilling University, please go to:

iStill Mini Unpacking & Assembly

The movie about the iStill Mini unpacking and assembly is also uploaded to iStill TV, on YouTube, so that anyone has access to it and can use it to assemble his or her iStill Mini. Here is the link:



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