iStill Mini/University Package Deal!

The special offer to combine the purchase of the iStill Mini with the iStill Distilling University is a great success! For EUR 5.000,- you can now learn how to distill via theory and practice! Ordering is a breeze and can be done online ( or via an email to

Once you place the order you get immediate access to the online curriculum. It’ll take less than a week (usually 2 to 3 days) for your iStill Mini to arrive at your destination.

The package deal is a great success so far, with basically one order received per day, over the last two weeks since we introduced the offer. Due to its success, we decided to prolong the iStill Mini/University package deal until July 31st.

Do you want more information on iStill, the iStill Distilling University, or the iStill Mini? Then please email us via

Eight iStills Mini ready to be shipped …


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